Polaris SnoCross

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Polaris SnoCross
Polaris SnoCross box art.
North American Nintendo 64 cover art
Developer(s) Vicarious Visions
Publisher(s) Vatical Entertainment
Designer(s) Bryan Shutt
Programmer(s) David Brickhill
Tyson Jacobs
Platform(s) Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, PC
Release Nintendo 64
  • NA: December 27, 2000
  • NA: August 29, 2000
Game Boy Color
  • NA: February 2000
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Polaris SnoCross is a snocross snowmobile racing game for the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Game Boy Color and later PC. It was released in 2000. It has some of the most famous snocrossers in the world. French publisher Wanadoo Edition released a budget version of the game for the PC in 2001, simply called SnowCross.