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An example of an SX-70 film manipulation.
Another SX-70 film manipulation.

Some Polaroid instant films are suitable for various forms of alternative processing leading to artistic effects. One form was the manipulation of SX-70 using various tools before the emulsion dried to create an oil painting effect. However, SX-70 is no longer in production and similar films by the Impossible Project do not have the same manipulable qualities. Emulsion lifting can be achieved by soaking Polaroid, Fuji peel-apart, and some Impossible Project's films in water and then transferring the emulsion to a new surface like wood, metal or paper. Image Transfers are another method of transferring the image from instant peel-apart film to a new surface. Image Transfers are done by peeling the negative positive sandwich apart early in development and pushing the wet negative side down firmly onto a sheet of print-making paper and applying an even pressure with a roller transferring it to the new surface.

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