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Polezhan peak as viewed from the saddle next to Bezbog peak.
Highest point
Elevation2,851 m (9,354 ft)
Coordinates41°43′N 23°29′E / 41.717°N 23.483°E / 41.717; 23.483
LocationBlagoevgrad Region, Bulgaria
Parent rangePirin

Polezhan (Bulgarian: Полежан, old name Mangar Tepe) is the highest granite peak in the Pirin Mountains and the fourth highest after Vihren, Kutelo and Banski Suhodol (all three are marble peaks). The closest mountain hut is Hizha Bezbog named after Bezbog which lies near Polezhan. Depending on weather conditions the mountain hut is about 2-3h from Polezhan. Two of the highest lakes in Pirin are situated next to Polezhan, namely the Upper Polezhan Lake (2710 m), which is also the highest lake in Bulgaria, as well as the Upper Gazei Lake.

Panorama from Polezhan in late April 2007