Polhov Gradec Hills

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Tošč, the highest peak of the Polhov Gradec Hills

The Polhov Gradec Hills or Polhov Gradec Dolomites (Slovene: Polhograjsko hribovje, also Polhograjski Dolomiti, Polhograjci, and Pograjci) are a pre-Alpine hilly region of northwestern Slovenia. To the north they border the Škofja Loka Hills, and to the south they border the Ljubljana Basin and the Ljubljana Marsh. The central settlement is Polhov Gradec (elevation 397 metres or 1,302 feet). The largest watercourse is the Gradaščica River. In 1971, a proposal was put forward to protect the region as a nature park, but it was never formally adopted.[1]


  • Tošč (1,021 m or 3,350 ft)
  • Pasja Ravan (1,020 m or 3,350 ft)
  • Grmada (898 m or 2,946 ft)
  • Mount Polhov Gradec (Polhograjska gora), also Mount St. Lawrence (Gora sv. Lovrenca; 824 m or 2,703 ft)


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