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General Police Corps of the Canary Islands
Cuerpo General de la Policía Canaria (in Spanish)
Logo del Cuerpo General de la Policía Canaria.svg
Common namePolicía Canaria
Agency overview
FormedJune 30, 2010
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionCanary Islands, Spain
Governing bodyGovernment of the Canary Islands
Constituting instrument
  • Ley del Cuerpo General de la Policía Canaria (28 May 2008)
General nature

Sworn members100 (to be 1,700)
Parent agencyMinistry of Presidency, Justice and Security

The Policía Canaria are the police force of the autonomous community of the Canary Islands, Spain.[1] It was formed in 2010 by Paulino Rivero, the President of the Canary Islands.


The Ley del Cuerpo General de la Policía Canaria (English: Law of the General Police Corps of the Canary Islands), passed on 28 May 2008 by the Parliament of the Canary Islands, states that the functions of the police force include the guarding and protection of people, organs, buildings, facilities and installations of the autonomous community and its instrumental bodies, and to ensure compliance with the regulations and orders issued by the organs of the community, among others.

This regional police work consists of the General Police Corps Canaria and the local police bodies of the 88 Canary Island municipalities. Only these first 100 officers make up the General Corps.

One hundred officers, 92 men and 8 women, made up the first promotion of the Canary Islands Police in a presentation ceremony held on June 30 2010 at the Canary Islands Academy of Public Safety in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The regional president said that this was only the first step in a deployment that will reach 1,700 officers in several phases.

Its first mission was to celebrate the Festival of the Virgen de las Nieves, on the island of La Palma.


Rank insignias
  • Polícia en prácticas (Police trainee)
  • Polícia (Police officer)
  • Oficial (Police sergeant)
  • Subinspector (Police lieutenant)
  • Inspector (Police captain)
  • Subcomisario (Deputy police inspector)
  • Comisario (Police inspector)
  • Comisario principal (Assistant chief of police)
  • Comisario principal jefe (Chief of police)

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