Police Federation of Australia

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Full name Police Federation of Australia
Founded 1 January 1998
Members 50,000
Affiliation ACTU
Key people Vince Kelly, President
Mark Burges APM, Chief Executive Officer
Office location Canberra, ACT
Country Australia
Website www.pfa.org.au

The Police Federation of Australia is a peak union body that represents the interests of Australian police officers.

It was formerly registered under the Workplace Relations Act 1996 on 1 January 1998. The Canberra office was opened by John Howard, the then Prime Minister of Australia, on Tuesday, 16 September 2003.[1]

The members of each State, Territory and Federal Police Association/Union are members of the Police Federation of Australia, and the organisation is affiliated with the ACTU.[2] In 2007, Peter Alexander (the then President of the Police Federation of Australia) said the union represented 50,000 officers.[3]

In 2002 the CEO of the Police Federation of Australia, Mark Burgess, called for a national approach to tackling the problems of hand guns in the community "I think there needs to be a far greater cooperation and coordination between the Federal Government and the State and Territory Governments. We've said for some time it's unfortunate these things are finding their way into the country and then it's left to State and Territory police officers to clean up the mess and the carnage after they've been used."[4]

In 2005 the Police Federation of Australia supported the fears of the Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA), regarding industrial relations laws relating to Australian Workplace Agreements saying the laws could erode the integrity of police officers. The concerns were rejected by a spokesman for Workplace Relations Minister Kevin Andrews, saying state police would remain in the state systems, and that AFP staff would continue to be governed by their certified agreement.[5]

Office Bearers[edit]

President - Vince Kelly APM (NT) Vice President - Jon Hunt-Sharman (AFPA) Vice President - Mark Carroll (SA) Treasurer - Scott Weber (NSW) Chief Executive Officer - Mark Burgess APM

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