Police Tactical Unit (Hong Kong)

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Police Tactical Unit (PTU)
PTU on guard.jpg
Fully-armoured Police Tactical Unit troopers engaged in riot control during the 2005 WTO meeting protests in Hong Kong.
Country Hong Kong
BranchHong Kong Police Force
TypeGeneral Safety Control
RoleInternal security
Crowd control
Anti-crime operations
Disaster response
Riot control
Size~ 2,000 Regulars
~ 1,000 echelon
Part ofOperations Wing
Garrison/HQ1 Wu Tip Shan Road, Fanling
Nickname(s)Blue Berets
Motto(s)"Failing to plan is planning to fail."
ColoursOlive green

The Police Tactical Unit (Abbreviation: PTU; Chinese: 警察機動部隊) is a unit within the Hong Kong Police Force which provides an immediate manpower reserve for use in large-scale emergencies.[1] Unit companies are attached to all land Regions and are available for internal security, crowd control, anti-crime operations, disaster response and riot control throughout Hong Kong. The PTU is often referred as the 'Blue Berets', which is in reference to the blue berets worn as part of the uniform. The PTU base and training camp is located in Fanling.

The PTU is also the parent organization of the Special Duties Unit (SDU), which specializes in counter-terrorism and hostage rescue, and the Special Tactical Contingent (STC), which specializes in riot control drawing members from other units including the PTU Headquarters and SDU for temporary ad hoc tasks.


The PTU is made up of eleven companies, comprising in total about 2,000 officers. Each company (under the command of a Superintendent) is made up of 4 platoons, each led by an Inspector or Senior Inspector. A platoon comprises 32 Officers with 1 Station Sergeant (senior NCO) and 8 Sergeants.


  • Smith & Wesson Model 10: Standard-issue sidearm, 6-shot .38 Special revolver
  • Remington 870: Standard-issue shotgun, loaded with less-than-lethal 12-gauge bean-bag rounds
  • Federal Model 201-Z Riot Gun: Standard-issue anti-riot gun, loaded with less-than-lethal CS rounds
  • AR-15: Standard-issue rifle, loaded with 5.56×45mm rounds, only to be issued as a final resort when the situation encountered is uncontrollable or the target is far away from the PTU (400m or more)


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