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One of the most commonly seen police vehicles in Hong Kong, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van.

Police vehicles in Hong Kong are vehicles of the Hong Kong Police Force, vehicles differ considerably depending on the duties of the departments that the vehicle is assigned to. One of the most commonly seen police vehicles in Hong Kong is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter police van, which is mostly used by district stations and the Emergency Unit, one of the roles expected of it is rapid response to 999 emergency calls with regards to road safety and public safety.

Current vehicles[edit]

Most police vehicles in Hong Kong follow the British "jam sandwich" livery and are white, with a blue and red 3M retroreflective stripe around on the sides of the vehicle with wording "警POLICE察" in white, the only exception being the armoured personnel carriers specially designed for the Police Tactical Unit, which are wholly dark blue and with wording "警POLICE察" on a light blue background in white on the sides of the vehicle. During British rule and up until the 1980s Hong Kong Police vehicles were painted dark navy blue, which is only retained by tactical APC today. Most police vehicles in Hong Kong are equipped with both red and blue emergency vehicle lighting. The vehicles which are allocated at the Hong Kong International Airport having an additional yellow emergency vehicle lighting and yellow roof top. All police vehicle are government property and therefore, have a licence plate which starts with "AM".

A first generation Mercedes-Benz Sprinter police van allocated to the Airport District.

Since 2008, the Hong Kong Police Force have brought in the use of battenburg markings for new police vehicles of the Regional Traffic Branches. In addition, these new vehicles show the Force crest on the front part of the vehicle, which the Force has not used in the design of new vehicles for the last two decades.

A new police vehicle (Toyota Prius) of one of the Regional Traffic Branches with battenburg markings in service since 2008.

Unmarked vehicles[edit]

The Hong Kong Police Force have unmarked police vehicles in order to catch and arrest criminals in the act, such vehicles include the discreet high performance BMW 5 Series car. Also, the Force operate unmarked police vehicles for surveillance to gather evidence of any criminal offence. In addition, for security purposes, armoured cars specially designed for the Very Important Person Protection Unit and bulletproof tactical police vehicles specially designed for the Special Duties Unit have no markings also.

This is a list of current vehicles (incomplete):

Retired vehicles[edit]

The former Royal Hong Kong Police livery up until the 1990s was white and black/navy blue or black/navy blue with a white roof and since the 1990s, white with a red stripe and blue pinstripes, the Royal Hong Kong Police crest displayed on the vehicle.

This is a list of retired vehicles (incomplete):

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