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The New York City Police Department vehicle fleet consists of 9,624 police cars, 11 boats, eight helicopters, and numerous other vehicles.[1] Responsibility of operation and maintenance lies with the NYPD's Support Services Bureau.

The current colors of NYPD vehicles is an all-white body with two blue stripes along each side. The word "POLICE" is printed in small text above the front wheel wells, and as "NYPD Police" above the front grille. The NYPD patch is emblazoned on both sides, either on or just forward of the front doors. The letters "NYPD" are printed in blue Rockwell Extra Bold font on the front doors, and the NYPD motto "Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect" is printed on the rear ones. The unit's shop number is printed on the rear decklid. The shop number is also printed on the rear side panels above the gas intake, along with the number of the unit's assigned precinct.

A modified paint scheme, with dark blue (or black, for some Auxiliary units) body and white stripes on the sides was used for some divisions. The text was also white. This was phased out in favor of a modified version of the regular scheme, with the word(s) "AUXILIARY", "SCHOOL SAFETY" or "TRAFFIC" on the rear quarter panels and trunk.

Vehicles also include motorcycles, bicycles, and police boats. There are other vehicles that are not on this list.

Vehicle Country Image Notes

Patrol cars[edit]

Chevrolet Impala United States (origin)
Canada (manufacture)
NYPD Chevrolet Impala of the 105th Pct, rear.jpg
Chevrolet Volt United States Chevrolet Volt NYPD -- 04-04-2012.JPG
  • Traffic enforcement
Dodge Charger United States (origin)
Canada (manufacture)
NYPD Dodge Charger Police Interceptor 2909.jpg
  • Highway patrol
Ford Crown Victoria United States (origin)
Canada (manufacture)
Ford Crown Victoria 1.JPG
Ford Fusion Hybrid United States NYPD Ford Fusion Hybrid 2013.jpg
Ford Police Interceptor Sedan[2][3] United States NYPD Ford Police Interceptor 2013.jpg
Nissan Altima Japan (origin)
United States (manufacture)
New York City Police Department Nissan Altima hybrid 5010.jpg
Toyota Prius Japan NYPD Traffic Enforcement RMP In White.jpeg
  • Traffic enforcement


Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon United States Fulton Ctr 10.jpg
Ford Escape Hybrid United States NYPD Traffic Ford Escape.jpg
  • Patrol and Traffic Enforcement
Ford Explorer Special Service Vehicle United States Police and TV camers outside Trump Tower (27252687294).jpg
  • Patrol and Traffic Enforcement

Parking enforcement[edit]

Cushman Truckster United States Nypdvehicle135.jpg
Ford F-550XL Super Duty tow truck United States NY 11th Avenue NYPD towtruck IMG 2078.JPG
Smart ForTwo Germany (origin)
France (manufacture)
65 Broadway AMEX 08.jpg
Westward Go-4 Interceptor Canada Manhattan New York City 2009 PD 20091203 327.JPG

Emergency Service Unit vehicles[edit]

Ford F-550 (modified) United States NYPD ESU vehicle.jpg
  • ESU Radio Emergency Patrol
Lenco BearCat United States Nash Bearcat.jpg
  • Armored vehicle
  • Five in use by the ESU
Lenco Peacekeeper United States
Mack M-series rescue truck United States NYPD ESU 9 truck 5509.jpg
  • ESU Heavy Rescue Truck

Communications vans[edit]

Blue Bird All American bus (modified) United States NYPD Command Unit.JPG
  • Communications Division Command Post
Chevrolet P30 van United States NYPD Communications Division 4018.jpg
Freightliner MT55/ LDV Custom Speciality Vehicles United States NYPD Comms Command Unit.JPG
  • Communications Division Command Post

Police buses[edit]

Navistar International (chassis)/ AmTran (body) United States NYPD Police Bus TB33 4092.jpg
Orion V Suburban Canada (origin)
United States (manufacture)
TMC/Nova Bus RTS United States NYC Police Department TMC RTS 9598.jpg


AgustaWestland AW119 United Kingdom & Italy NYPD helicopter N319PD.jpg
Bell Helicopter Bell 412 United States
Bell Helicopter Bell 429 United States NYPD Police Helicopter N917PD Bell 429 GlobalRanger (27642407020).jpg


Ford E-Series United States NYPD Ford E-series white version-2011.JPG
GMC C6500 United States NYPD (6056101250).jpg
Hummer H1 (modified) United States Soundweapon1.jpg
John Deere Gator United States Nypd-buggy crop.jpg
Kenworth T700 chassis Dump Truck United States Millions March NYC (15990530426).jpg
T3 Motion Patroller United States NYPD three-wheeler.jpg
  • Tri-wheeled scooter
Vehicle Country Image Notes

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