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Polikarpov Design Bureau
Industry Aerospace
Fate Absorbed into Lavochkin
Founded Moscow, Russia
Defunct 30 July 1944 (1944-07-30)
Key people
Nikolai Nikolaevich Polikarpov
Products Aircraft

Polikarpov Design Bureau was a Soviet OKB (design bureau) for aircraft, led by Nikolai Nikolaevich Polikarpov. Dux Factory was acquired by the USSR and became part of Polikarpov.

Polikarpov I-5

After the death of Polikarpov on 30 July 1944 at the age of 52, his OKB was absorbed into Lavochkin, but with some of its engineers going to Mikoyan-Gurevich and its production facilities going to Sukhoi. For long time the Polikarpov OKB headquarters were located at Aircraft plant #1 (formerly Dux Factory) in Moscow, where its specially built building still stands.


Polikarpov designs:


  • TB-2 twin-engined biplane bomber prototype, 1930
  • SPB (D) twin-engined dive bomber developed from the VIT-2, 1940
  • NB (T) medium bomber prototype, 1944


  • I-1 (IL-400) monoplane fighter prototype, 1923
  • DI-1 (2I-N1) twin seat biplane fighter prototype, 1926
  • I-3 biplane fighter, 1928
  • DI-2 two-seat biplane fighter developed from the I-3, 1929
  • I-6 biplane fighter prototype, 1930
  • I-5 biplane fighter, 1930
  • I-15 Chaika biplane fighter, 1933
  • I-16 fighter, 1933
  • I-15-2/I-152 (I-15bis) prototype modernized version of I-15, 1938
  • I-15-3/I-153 Chaika biplane fighter
  • I-17 fighter prototype, 1934
  • I-180 prototype fighter developed from the I-16, 1938
  • I-185 prototype fighter developed from the I-180, 1941
  • I-190 biplane fighter prototype developed from I-153, 1939
  • I-200 (MiG-1) fighter
  • TIS (MA) twin engined heavy fighter prototype, 1941
  • ITP (M) fighter prototype, 1942
  • Malyutka rocket-powered fighter abandoned incomplete upon Polikarpov's death

Ground attack[edit]

  • VIT-1 twin engined attack aircraft prototype, 1937
  • VIT-2 development of VIT-1, 1938
  • Ivanov ground attack aircraft prototype, 1938


  • R-1 unlicensed copy of the British Airco DH.9A bomber
  • MR-1 floatplane version of R-1
  • R-2 biplane reconnaissance aircraft based on R-1
  • R-4 biplane reconnaissance aircraft (R-1 development)
  • R-5 biplane reconnaissance aircraft, 1928
  • SSS light bomber development of R-5
  • R-Z reconnaissance/light bomber, developed from the R-5, 1935


  • PM-1 (P-2) biplane airliner
  • PM-2 (PM-2) floatplane[1]
  • P-5 light transport version of R-5
  • PR-5 airliner developed from R-5
  • PR-12 monoplane airliner development based on the PR-5, 1938
  • P-Z commercial variant of R-Z
  • BDP (S) transport glider
  • MP powered version of the BDP
  • Limozin (D) light transport aircraft abandoned incomplete upon Polikarpov's death