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Polipoint Press
StatusDefunct (2011)
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationSausalito, California
Publication typesBooks

PoliPointPress (or P3Books) was a San Francisco Bay Area publishing company that was founded to print the writings of University of Phoenix founder John Sperling.[1]

In 2004 it published its first book, Sperling's The Great Divide, a book of essays and full-color illustrations arguing that the Democratic Party, in order to retake the United States presidency, must abandon efforts in the allegedly culturally backwards "red states."[2] The company was brought into being to "bring new ideas and perspectives into the body politic, to ignite dialogue,” according to publisher Scott Jordan, a former publicist for the Saudi Arabian government.[3][4]

The company later expanded its range of titles to include progressive books by Joe Conason, among others.[5] Its offices were in Sausalito, California.[6]

The company closed in 2011, selling off rights to its books to Paradigm Publishers and Berrett-Koehler Publishers.[7]


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