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The membership in the Polish Economy Hall of Fame (Polish: Galeria Chwały Polskiej Ekonomii) is an award for Polish economists.

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Former president of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Wiesław Rozłucki becomes a member in Galeria Chwały[1]
Award winner and new member of Galeria Chwaly was Henryka Bochniarz from the Employers Association Lewiatan[2]
2013 ceremony, from left: Dorota Goliszewska, Henryk Orfinger, Adam Maciejewski, Marek Belka


In 2005 the Polish edition of German business magazine Manager Magazin established Galeria Chwały Polskiej Ekonomii (translated: Hall of Fame of the Polish economy),[3] which is similar to a business and economic hall of fame, established by Manager Magazin in Germany in 1970. Since 2010 the business magazine Strategie endows the award. By becoming a member in Galeria Chwały once a year an outstanding Polish economist is awarded for lifetime achievements for the Polish economy.

Since 2012 the Association of Finance Directors in Poland FINEXA (Stowarzyszenie Dyrektorów Finansowych Finexa) is organizer of the award. The ceremony is held at the annual congress of the organization in Warsaw.[4] The new organizer established an enlarged jury.

Organizer and jury[edit]

Galeria Chwały is organized by the association FINEXA. The jury is composed of leading representatives of the Polish economy:[4]

Sculptures and artist[edit]

The heads of the Galeria Chwały-members are in a scale 1:1.2 as bronze-sculptures produced. The production process is based on plasticine-form technic. The heads are presented to the public in a permanent exhibition.

The sculptor is Jerzy Nowakowski, an artist living in Poznań. He was born in 1963 in Bydgoszcz and studied at the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts under Prof Józef Kopczyński (1930-2006).

Since 1993 Nowakowski's work has been presented at single and group exhibitions in Poland and Germany. He is author of ordered by cities (Oborniki, Wolsztyn, Grodzisk Wielkopolski, Nowy Tomyśl, sculpture of Fryderyk Chopin and others) and institutions (for example The International Book Fair in Warsaw) art pieces (sculptures, award symbols, memory plates, ..)

The sculptures, fixed on metal columns, are exhibited permanently in the main hall of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.[5]


Members of Galeria Chwały so far are:

References and remarks[edit]

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