Polish Greyhound

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Polish Greyhound
Chart polski 200 LM.jpg
A male Polish Greyhound
Other names Polish Sighthound
Chart Polski (Polish)
Origin Poland
Classification / standards
FCI Group 10, Section 3 #333 standard
CKC Miscellaneous [? standard]
The CKC Miscellaneous List is for breeds working towards full CKC recognition.
UKC Sighthounds and Pariah Dogs standard
Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

The Polish Greyhound (Polish: chart polski, pronounced [xart ˈpɔlskʲi]) is a Polish sighthound breed. It is known as the Polish Greyhound, although it is not a direct relative of the Greyhound dog.


Polish Greyhounds have short, smooth fur that comes in many colors. The coat is somewhat heavier than a Greyhound's. They have an undercoat that gets thicker in the winter. Polish Greyhounds have a long brush on the tail and have culottes at the rear of the thighs. The average Polish Greyhound weighs about 30–43 kg (65–95 pounds), and ranges from 68–81 cm (27–32 inches) tall. The Chart Polski has a smooth double coat, regardless of season, which is harsh to the touch while offering excellent insulation. The breed is a persistent hunter, with a long muscular neck, unlike the greyhound, and the head is carried high. Large almond eyes are set in a slant, and the points of the hip bones are wide apart. The hind legs move closer together when the dog is moving at a short trot: this is called "lacing".[citation needed]

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