Gończy Polski

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Gończy Polski
PolishScenthound-"NUTKA Klusujaca Sfora wl A.Balcerzak.jpg
Gończy Polski
Other namesPolish Hunting Dog
Height Dogs 55–59 cm (22–23 in)
Bitches 50–55 cm (20–22 in)
Weight 22–26 kg (49–57 lb)
Coat Short
Colour Black and tan, brown and tan or red.
Kennel club standards
FCI standard
Dog (domestic dog)

The Gończy Polski, sometimes translated as the Polish Hunting Dog, is a breed of scent hound originating in Poland.


The Gończy Polski is a medium-sized hound, usually black and tan in colour. A smaller variety of the more common Polish Hound, it almost became extinct after the Second World War and only became known in the West after the fall of Communism.[1][2][3]

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