Polish National Government (November Uprising)

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Coat-of-arms of the November Uprising, 1831
Legal dethronisation of Russian Tsar Nicholas I on Polish soil by the National Government, 1831

Polish National Government of 1831 was a Polish supreme authority during the November Uprising against the Russian occupation of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. It was formed by the decree of the Sejm (parliament) of the Congress Poland on 29 January 1831 to assume the competences of the Polish head of state in the follow-up of an earlier decree of 25 January: deposing the usurping Tsar Nicholas I of Russia from the throne of Poland.[1]

The government concentrated on issues related to the fight with the Russian Empire. In August the government of Prince Adam Jerzy Czartoryski resigned, facing loss of support and radicalization among the Varsovians. Czartoryski was replaced by Jan Krukowiecki. After the capitulation of Warsaw the government was taken over by lawyer Bonawentura Niemojowski. After the government went into exile, it passed its powers to General Maciej Rybiński.


Notes and references[edit]

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