Polish cavalry brigade order of battle in 1939

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The following is a standard order of battle of the Polish cavalry brigade in 1939.

Chain of command[edit]

Polish Cavalry Brigade - chain of command
Sub-unit C/O squadron-sized platoon-sized smaller units
commanding officer Staff
and headquarters
deputy commanding officer
chief military judge
chief of staff operational officer
intelligence officer
military police platoon
chief communications officer communication squadron
chief commander of the tabors tabor's workshop
2 commands of march columns
3 columns each
quartermaster transport officer
armament officer
chief steward officer
chief doctor
chief veterinarian
artillery park unit
steward park unit
medical platoon
veterinary platoon
Headquarters commander staff squadron
Commander's units bicycle squadron (recce/liaison)
engineering squadron
HMG platoon
cavalry regiment
3 or 4 in each brigade
regiment commander line squadrons -
4 in each regiment
cavalry platoon -
3 in each squadron
3 sections (6 soldiers each)
LMG section (5 soldiers)
squadron commanders troop
LMG section
administration unit
HMG squadron
maintenance squadron
3 HMG platoons
4 HMG each
AT platoon
bicycle platoon
communications platoon

engineering squad

Mounted Artillery Unit (DAK) DAK commander  
munitions supply column
75 mm artillery battery
3 or 4 guns each
communications platoon
Organic Armoured Unit commander tankette squadron
armoured car squadron
Organic Rifle Battalion Rifles battalion

Composition and armament[edit]

The following is a list of all equipment, armament, men and means of transport in use by a cavalry regiment and a cavalry brigade of the Polish Army, as of 1939. The figures for brigades are based on official Polish Army instructions prepared in late 1930s. The numbers in brackets give the figures for a four-regiment brigade, as opposed to the standard three-regiment one. The figures for the regiments are given after the actual mobilisation report of September 1, 1939, of the 25th Greater Polish Uhlans Regiment. Note that the numbers for other units may vary, mostly due to different mobilisation schedules and other problems.

Polish Cavalry Brigade and Regiment - equipment
Regiment Brigade
officers 36 232 (373)
privates and NCOs 838 5 911 (6 911)
   Cavalry horses
   Pack horses


5 194 (6 291)

cars 1 65 (66)
motorcycles 1
field kitchens 6
tabor carts 86
chaplains cart 1 4
taczanka wz.28 or wz.36 13
bicycles 36
Vis pistols 133
wz. 34 sabres 616
lances 108
rifles Mannlicher 1898, Kbk wz. 1929, Kb wz. 98a, Mosin wz. 91/98/25, Mosin wz. 91/98/23 or Steyr-Mannlicher M1895 740 5000
7,92 mm karabin ppanc. wz 35 AT rifle 12 51 (64)
rkm Browning wz. 28 LMG 18 89 (107)
Maxim 08/15 and lkm wz. 08/18 MGs 10 (12)
Ckm wz.30 HMG 12 52 (64)
  Organic artillery
grenade launchers wz. 1930 and wz. 1936 9 (9)
81mm mortar 2
75 mm armata wz. 02/26 field gun 12 (16)
40 mm armata plot. wz. 36 AA gun 2 (2)
37 mm Armata ppanc. wz. 36 AT gun 4 14 (18)
  Organic armoured unit
wz. 34 or wz.29 armoured car 8
reconnaissance tankette TKS or TK-3 13

Polish cavalry brigades in 1939[edit]


Armoured-Motorised Brigades[edit]

Different armament and structure

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