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Polish comics
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Polish comics are comics written and produced in Poland. Very few of these comics have been published in languages other than Polish.


In the People's Republic of Poland the term comic (komiks) was discouraged as a 'demoralising Western influence' and the terms 'graphic stories' (historyjki obrazkowe) or 'color books' (kolorowe zeszyty) were preferred instead; they were actually illegal and forbidden from 1947 to 1957. In modern Poland those terms have largely been forgotten, and the formerly discouraged English loanword is now the main term for the medium.

Over the past few years, the market for comics in Poland has grown rapidly; there is an increasing number of Polish comic books and magazines. Japanese manga has been introduced, and the first Polish manga-style publications have appeared. As throughout the world, webcomics have also become increasingly popular.

List of Polish comics[edit]

Lil i Put, example of modern Polish comic book series.

List of Polish comic artists[edit]

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