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Polish Mexicans
polskie meksykanie
Muestra folklórica de la comunidad polaca de México (2).JPG
Folk dance by the Polish community of Mexico City
Total population
1,169 Poland-born residents (2015)[1]
Unknown number of Mexicans of Polish descent
Regions with significant populations
Mexico City
Christianity, Judaism
Related ethnic groups
Other Polish diaspora

There is a small Polish diaspora in Mexico. According to the 2005 intercensal estimate, there were 971 Polish citizens living in Mexico.[2] Furthermore, by the estimate of the Jewish community, there may be as many as 15,000 descendants of Jewish migrants from Poland living in Mexico.[3]

Migration history[edit]

Polish children that arrived as refugees in Santa Rosa, Guanajuato.

The first Poles arrived in Mexico during the French intervention in Mexico. In May 1942, Mexico declared war on Germany. To show solidarity with the Polish people, Mexico accepted in 1943 over 2,000 Polish refugees including 1,400 Polish orphans to settle in the state of Guanajuato in central Mexico. After the war, many of the refugees remained to live in Mexico.[4]

Two of the best known Polish-Mexicans are the journalist Jacobo Zabludovsky, and his brother, the architect Abraham Zabludovsky.

Notable Polish-Mexicans[edit]





  • Anna Zarnecki, Polish writer, pinter, activist and politician.
  • Elena Poniatowska, French-born Mexican journalist and author to French-Polish father.
  • Rodolfo Usigli, Mexican playwright to Italian father and Polish mother.




  • Enrique Krauze, Mexican public intellectual, historian, essayist, critic, producer, and publisher of Polish Jewish descent.
  • Moisés Kaiman, Polish-born Mexican Rabbi for the Jewish Community of Monterrey, Mexico.
  • Arturo Antonio Szymanski Ramírez, Mexican prelate of the Roman Catholic Church of Polish descent.

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