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Political Scrapbook
Type of site
Created by Laurence Durnan
Website http://politicalscrapbook.net/
Commercial No
Launched 2009
Current status Active

Political Scrapbook is a left wing political blog. The site was described as "influential" by The Independent[1] and is viewed, along with outlets such as Left Foot Forward, as part of a cohort of British left-wing blogs which have attracted significant interest from the media.[2] The site has been likened to Paul Staines' anti-establishment Guido Fawkes blog,[3] although Staines has claimed "It's hard to create a leftwing version of me because of political correctness."[4] In 2011 the site was ranked by Wikio as the 7th most influential political blog in the UK[5] and was voted as Total Politics' 2nd best left-wing blog in 2011.[6]

Political Scrapbook is edited by Laurence Durnan,[7] who stated he set the site up "to make life difficult for the right".[8]

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