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Between 1905 and 1945, the Japanese Empire administered the southern half of Sakhalin, using the name Karafuto (樺太?). The area was designated a chō, the same term given to Hokkaidō at the time. It is commonly referred to as Karafuto Prefecture in English. The prefecture was divided into 4 subprefectures (shichō), which in turn were subdivided into 11 districts, in turn divided into 41 municipalities (1 city, 13 towns, and 27 villages)

List of municipalities of Karafuto Prefecture[edit]

Karafuto Prefecture with 4 subprefectures, namely Toyohara, Maoka, Esutoru and Shikuka. Toyohara City was also a part of Toyohara Subprefecture.

Prefectural capital: Toyohara

  • The data is as of 1945.
  • Some municipalities had multiple possible readings. 敷香, for instance, was read Shikuka, Shisuka, or Shikika, depending on sources.
  • All Kanji names are in Shinjitai, a modern form which was not used when the prefecture existed.
  • The list shows the current Russian names in parenthesis. However, Russian divisions do not match with Japanese divisions. These names just roughly overlap with central towns.

Toyohara Subprefecture 豊原支庁[edit]

Subprefectural capital: Toyohara

Maoka Subprefecture 真岡支庁[edit]

Subprefectural capital: Maoka

Esutoru Subprefecture 恵須取支庁[edit]

Subprefectural capital: Esutoru

Shikuka Subprefecture 敷香支庁[edit]

Subprefectural capital: Shikuka

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