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A political family in Australia (also called political dynasty) is a family in which multiple members are involved in Australian politics, particularly electoral politics. Members may be related by blood or marriage; often several generations or multiple siblings may be involved.

Anderson family[edit]

Anthony family[edit]

Archer family[edit]

Main article: Archer family
  • Thomas Archer, Legislative Council of Tasmania 1827–1844
  • Joseph Archer, Legislative Council of Tasmania 1851–1853
  • William Archer, Legislative Council & House of Assembly of Tasmania, 1851–1855(MLC)/1860-1862 & 1866–1868 (MHA)
  • Robert Joseph Archer, House of Assembly of Tasmania 1869–1871, Longford Municipality Alderman
  • Basil Archer, House of Assembly of Tasmania 1871–1872
  • William Henry Davies Archer, House of Assembly of Tasmania, 1882–1886, Longford Municipality Alderman, Council Warden, Treasurer 1872–1894
  • Frank Archer, House of Assembly of Tasmania, 1893–1902
  • William Fulbert Archer, Longford Municipality Alderman
  • Thomas Cathcart Archer, Longford Municipality Alderman

Baird family[edit]

  • Bruce Baird (born 1942), MLA for Northcott NSW 1984—95, Minister in Greiner and Fahey governments. MHR for Cook 1998—2007. His son:
  • Mike Baird (born 1968), MLA for Manly NSW 2007—2017, Minister, Treasurer, 44th NSW Premier 2014—2017

Barnard family[edit]

Baume family[edit]

They are cousins, the grandsons of Frederick Baume, a member of parliament in New Zealand.

Beazley family[edit]

Bjelke-Petersen family[edit]

Braid family[edit]

  • Harry Braid (1917–2001) was an independent member of the Tasmanian Legislative Council for Mersey from 1972 to 1990.
  • His daughter Sue Napier (1948–2010) was a Liberal member of the House of Assembly for Bass from 1992 to 2010.
  • His cousin Ian Braid was a Liberal MHA for Wilmot/Lyons from 1969 to 1972 and 1975 to 1995.

Bruxner family[edit]

Burke family[edit]

Cain family[edit]

Chaney family[edit]

Chapman family[edit]

Court family[edit]

Cowan family[edit]

Crean family[edit]

Cribb/Foote family[edit]

Darling family[edit]

Douglas family[edit]

Downer family[edit]

Main article: Downer family

Dunn family[edit]

his sons:

John Dunn Snr's son-in-law and nephew:

Evans family[edit]

Ferguson family[edit]

Fong Lim family[edit]

Fraser family[edit]

Goldsworthy–Chapman family[edit]

Groom family[edit]

Hamer family[edit]

Hawke family[edit]

Hodgman family[edit]

Name Australian House of Representatives Tasmanian House of Assembly Tasmanian Legislative Council
William Clark "Bill" Hodgman (1909–97) 1955–64: Member for Denison 1971–83: Member for Queenborough
1981–83: President of the Legislative Council
Michael Hodgman (1938–2013)
- son of Bill
1975–87: Member for Denison
1980–83: Minister for the Capital Territory
in the Fraser Government
1992–98, 2001–10: Member for Denison 1966–74: Member for Huon
Peter Hodgman (born 1946)
- son of Bill, brother of Michael
2001: contested seat of Franklin 1986–2001: Member for Franklin 1974–86: Member for Huon
Will Hodgman (born 1969)
- son of Michael
2002– : Member for Franklin
2006–14 : Leader of the Opposition
2014– : Premier of Tasmania

Hughes-Turnbull family[edit]

The Hughes family has a long history in both New South Wales and Federal politics.

Katter family[edit]

Lewis family[edit]


  • Sandy Lewis (1931 –), MP for Blackwood, Western Australia 1972–1989
  • Tom Lewis (1922 –), 33rd Premier of New South Wales 1975 – 1976

their grandfather

Lyons family[edit]

McClelland family[edit]

McLarty family[edit]

  • John McLarty (1842–1909), MLA in Western Australia 1904–1909; brother of Edward
  • Edward McLarty (1848–1917), MLC in Western Australia 1894–1916; brother of John
  • Ross McLarty (1891–1962), MLA in Western Australia 1930–1962, Premier 1947–1953; son of Edward

McMahon/Walder family[edit]

Melloy/Darling family[edit]

Menzies-Leckie family[edit]

Morgan family[edit]

Nalder family[edit]

  • Sir Crawford Nalder was Deputy Premier of Western Australia from 1962 to 1971. His son
  • Cambell Nalder, was a member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly from 1986 to 1987. His son
  • Dean Nalder, has been a member of the Legislative Assembly since 2013 and was the Transport minister in the Western Australian Government.

Newman family[edit]

Nott family[edit]

Oldfield family[edit]

Palaszczuk family[edit]

Pearsall family[edit]

Piesse family[edit]

  • Frederick Piesse (1853–1912), MLA in Western Australia 1890–1909; brother of Alfred, Arnold, and Charles
  • Charles Piesse (1855–1914), MLC in Western Australia 1894–1914; brother of Alfred, Arnold, and Frederick
  • Alfred Piesse (1866–1939), MLA in Western Australia 1911–1924; brother of Arnold, Charles, and Frederick
  • Arnold Piesse (1872–1935), MLA in Western Australia 1909–1914 and 1930–1935; brother of Alfred, Charles, and Frederick
  • Harold Piesse (1884–1944), MLC in Western Australia 1932–1944; son of Frederick
  • Edmund Piesse (1900–1952), Senator for Western Australia 1950–1952; son of Arnold
  • Winifred Piesse (born 1923), MLC in Western Australia 1977–1983; daughter-in-law of Charles

Pitt family[edit]

Playford family[edit]

Main article: Playford family

The Playford family has played a significant role in the South Australian and Australian political and social sphere since the early days of European settlement.

Thorn/Harris/Hill/Casey family[edit]

Wentworth family[edit]

Willmott family[edit]

  • F. E. S. Willmott (1870–1941), MLA in Western Australia 1914–1921, MLC in Western Australia 1921–1926; father of F. D.
  • Edmund Brockman (1882–1938), MLA in Western Australia 1933–1934; brother-in-law of F. E. S.
  • William Willmott (1895–1947), MLA in Western Australia 1938–1947; nephew of F. E. S.
  • F. D. Willmott (1904–2004), MLA in Western Australia 1955–1974; son of F. E. S.

Wilson family[edit]

  • Sir Keith Wilson was Senator for South Australia from 1938 to 1944 and MHR for Sturt from 1949–1954 and 1955–1966. His son
  • Ian represented Sturt from 1966–1969 and 1972–1993 and was a minister in the Fraser government. Ian was also great-grandson of Sir John Langdon Bonython MHR for South Australia 1901–1906 and great-great grandson of Sir John Cox Bray, the first native born premier of South Australia

Wriedt family[edit]


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