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A political international is a trans-national organisation of political parties or activists. The international works together on points of agreement to co-ordinate activity.

Political internationals have increased in popularity and influence since their beginnings in the political left of 19th-century Europe, as an increased attention has been paid by political activists to developments for or against their own ideological favor in other countries and continents. After World War II, other ideological movements formed their own political internationals in order to communicate among aligned parliamentarians and legislatorial candidates, as well as to communicate with intergovernmental and supranational organisations such as the United Nations and, later, the European Union. Internationals also form supranational and regional branches (i.e., a European branch, an African branch) and maintain fraternal or governing relationships with sector-specific "wings" (i.e., Youth wing, Women's wing).

Political internationals have often expelled member parties for various abuses, such as political malfeasance or financial corruption among members.

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