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California is largely a Democratic stronghold and one of the three largest Democratic states in presidential elections alongside New York and Illinois.

The following table indicates the party of elected officials in the U.S. state of California:

The table also indicates the historical party composition in the:

For years in which a presidential election was held, the table indicates which party's nominees received the state's electoral votes.

Note that ties on the Board of Equalization are broken by the vote of the State Controller.

The parties are as follows:   American (A),   Anti-Monopolist (AM),   Constitutional Union (CU),   Democratic (D),   Independent (I),   Nonpartisan (NP),   National Union (NU),   Progressive (P),   Republican (R),   Whig (W), and   a tie or coalition within a group of elected officials.

Year Executive offices Board of Equalization State Legislature United States Congress Electoral College votes
Governor Lieutenant Governor Attorney General Secretary
of State
Treasurer Controller Insurance
Supt. of Pub. Inst. State Senate State Assem. U.S. Senator (Class I) U.S. Senator (Class III) U.S. House
1849 Peter Hardeman Burnett (D) John McDougal (D) Edward J. C. Kewen (D) William Van Voohies (D) Richard Roman (D) John S. Houston (D) no such office no such office 16NP 36NP
1850 John C. Frémont (D) William M. Gwin (D) 1D, 1I
1851 John McDougal (D) David C. Broderick (D) James A. McDougall (D) John Gage Marvin (D) 10D, 4W, 2I 18W, 17D, 1I[1] Vacant
1852 John Bigler (D) Samuel Purdy (D) Serranus Clinton Hastings (D) Winslow S. Pierce (D) 26D, 2W 41D, 21W, 1I John B. Weller (D) 2D Franklin Pierce and William R. King (D) Green tickY
1853 James W. Denver (D) 20D, 7W 41D, 22W
1854 John R. McConnell (D) Selden A. McMeans (D) Samuel Bell (D) Paul K. Hubbs (D) 26D, 8W 68D, 12W
1855 Charles R. Hempstead (D) 26D, 7W 42D, 36W, 2I Vacant
1856 J. Neely Johnson (A) Robert M. Anderson (A) William T. Wallace (A) David F. Douglass (A) Henry Bates (A) George W. Whitman (A) 16A, 16D, 1W[2] 56A, 23D, 1I James Buchanan and John C. Breckinridge (D) Green tickY
1857 James L. English (A) Edward F. Burton (A) Andrew J. Moulder (D) 19D, 11A, 3R 61D, 11R, 8A David C. Broderick (D)[3] William M. Gwin (D)
1858 John B. Weller (D) Joseph Walkup (D) Thomas H. Williams (D) Ferris Foreman (D) Thomas Findley (D) Aaron R. Melony (D) 27D, 5R, 3A 66D, 9R, 4A, 1I
1859 30D, 4R, 1I 72D, 8R
1860 Milton Latham (D) John G. Downey (D) Johnson Price (D) Samuel H. Brooks (D) 33D, 2R 78D, 2R Henry P. Haun (D) Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin (R) Green tickY
John G. Downey (D) Isaac N. Quinn (D) Milton Latham (D)
1861 Pablo de la Guerra (D) James S. Gillan (D) 30D, 6R 60D, 19, 1CU James A. McDougall (D) 3R
1862 Leland Stanford (R) John F. Chellis (R) Frank M. Pixley (R) William H. Weeks (R) Delos R. Ashley (R) Gilbert R. Warren (R) 23D, 17R 41D, 39R
1863 John L. McCullogh (R) Benjamin B. Redding (R) Romualdo Pacheco (NU) George R. Oultan (R) John Swett (NU) 31R, 9D 63R, 17D John Conness (R)
1864 Frederick Low (R) Tim M. Machin (R) 35R, 5D 70R, 10D Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson (NU) Green tickY
1866 31R, 9D 61R, 19D
1867 Jo Hamilton (D) Henry L. Nichols (D) Antonio F. Coronel (D) Robert Watt (D) Oscar Penn Fitzgerald (D) Cornelius Cole (R) 2D, 1R
1868 Henry Huntly Haight (D) William Holden (D) 21R, 19D 52D, 28R Ulysses S. Grant and Schuyler Colfax (R) Green tickY
1869 Eugene Casserly (D)
1870 26D, 12R, 2I 67D, 10R, 3I
1871 John Lord Love (R) Drury Melone (R) Ferdinand Baehr (R) James J. Green (R) Henry N. Bolander (R) 3R
1872 Newton Booth (R) Romualdo Pacheco (R) 22D, 17R, 1I 54R, 25D, 1I Ulysses S. Grant and Henry Wilson (R) Green tickY
1873 Aaron A. Sargent (R) 3R, 1D
1874 18R, 14D, 8PI[4] 34PI, 27R, 19D[5] John S. Hager (D)
1875 Romualdo Pacheco (R) William Irwin (D) Jo Hamilton (D) Thomas Bock (D) José G. Estudillo (D) James W. Mandeville (D) Ezra S. Carr (R) Newton Booth (AM) 3D, 1R
1876 William Irwin (D) James A. Johnson (D) William B. C. Brown (D) 20D, 11I, 6R, 3ID 64D, 12R, 4I Rutherford B. Hayes and William Almon Wheeler (R) Green tickY
1877 Daniel M. Kenfield (R) 3R, 1D
1878 27D, 10R, 2I, 1 Work. 55D, 24R, 1 Work. 2D, 2R
1879 3R, 1D James T. Farley (D) 3R, 1D
1880 George Clement Perkins (R) John Mansfield (R) Augustus L. Hart (R) Daniel M. Burns (R) John Weil (R) Frederick M. Campbell (R) 23R, 10 Work., 7D 46R, 18D, 16 Work. Winfield Scott Hancock and William Hayden English (D) Red XN
1881 42R, 33D, 4 Work., 1G John Franklin Miller (R)[3] 2D, 2R
1883 George Stoneman (D) John Daggett (D) Edward C. Marshall (D) Thomas Larkin Thompson (D) William A. January (D) John P. Dunn (D) William T. Weckler (D) 3D, 1R 32D, 8R 61D, 19R 6D
1884 Denis J. Oullahan (D) James G. Blaine and John A. Logan (R) Red XN
1885 20D, 20R[6] 60R, 20D Leland Stanford (R) 5R, 1D
1886 George Hearst (D)[7]
Abram P. Williams (R)
1887 Washington Bartlett (D)[3] Robert Waterman (R) George A. Johnson (D) William C. Hendricks (D) Adam Herald (D) Ira G. Haitt (R) 22D, 18R 41R, 39D George Hearst (D)[3] 4R, 2D
1888 Robert Waterman (R) Stephen M. White (D) Benjamin Harrison and Levi P. Morton (R) Green tickY
1889 22D, 18R 42D, 38R
1891 Henry Markham (R) John B. Reddick (R) William H. Hart (R) Edwin G. Waite (R) J.R. McDonald (R) Edward P. Colgan (R) J.W. Anderson (R) 3R, 1D 28R, 12D 60R 19D, 1A Charles N. Felton (R)
1892 Grover Cleveland and Adlai Stevenson I (8) Green tickY/Benjamin Harrison and Whitelaw Reid (R) (1) Red XN
1893 22R, 18D 45D, 31R, 2I, 2 People's Stephen M. White (D)
1894 Albert Hart (R) George Clement Perkins (R)
1895 James Budd (D) Spencer G. Millard (R)[3] William F. Fitzgerald (R) Lewis H. Brown (R) Levi Ratcliffe (R) Samuel T. Black (R) 25R, 15D 64R, 14D, 2 People's
1896 William T. Jeter (D)[7] William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt (R) Green tickY
1897 28R, 12D 47R, 16 Fus., 9P, 8D 3R, 2D, 2P
1898 Will S. Green (D) Charles T. Meredith (D)
1899 Henry Gage (R) Jacob H. Neff (R) Tirey L. Ford (R) Charles F. Curry (R) Truman Reeves (R) Thomas J. Kirk (R) 2R, 2D[8] 26R, 14D 59R, 20D, 2I Vacant 6R, 1D
1900 Thomas R. Bard (R) 7R William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt (R) Green tickY
1901 34R, 6D 60R, 20D
1903 George Pardee (R) Alden Anderson (R) Ulysses S. Webb (R) 33R, 7D 60R, 19D, 1 Un. Lab. 5R, 3D
1904 Theodore Roosevelt and Charles W. Fairbanks (R) Green tickY
1905 33R, 4 Un. Lab., 3D 72R, 4D, 4 Un. Lab. Frank Putnam Flint (R) 8R
1906 A.B. Nye (R)
1907 James N. Gillett (R) Warren R. Porter (R) William R. Williams (R) Edward Hyatt (R) 4R 33R, 6D, 1I 73R, 6D, 1I
1908 William Howard Taft and James S. Sherman (R) Green tickY
1909 30R, 9D, 1I 60R, 20D
1911 Hiram Johnson (R) Albert Joseph Wallace (R) Frank C. Jordan (R)[3] Edward D. Roberts (R) 32R, 18D 69R, 11D John D. Works (R) 7R, 1D
1912 Hiram Johnson (P) Theodore Roosevelt and Hiram Johnson (P) Red XN
1913 John S. Chambers (R) 30R, 10D 54R, 25D, 1S 7R, 3D, 1I
1915 John Morton Eshleman (P)[3] Friend Richardson (P) 3R, 1D 21R, 10D, 9P 33R, 28 P, 15D, 3S, 1 Proh.[9] James D. Phelan (D) 4R, 3D, 2P, 1I, 1 Proh.
1916 William Stephens (R) 5R, 3D, 1P, 1I, 1 Proh. Woodrow Wilson and Thomas R. Marshall (D) Green tickY
1917 William Stephens (R) C. C. Young (R) 20R, 11D, 8P, 1I 69R, 9D, 1P, 1 Proh. Hiram Johnson (R)[3] 5R, 4D, 1P, 1 Proh.
1919 Will C. Wood (NP) 32R, 7D, 1I 70R, 10D 9R, 2D
1920 Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge (R) Green tickY
1921 Roy C. Riley (R) 33R, 7D 73R, 7D Samuel M. Shortridge (R)
1923 Friend Richardson (R) Charles G. Johnson (R) 36R, 3D, 1I 76R, 4D
1924 Calvin Coolidge and Charles G. Dawes (R) Green tickY
1925 37R, 3D 75R, 5D
1927 C. C. Young (R) Buron Fitts (R) William John Cooper (NP) 4R 35R, 5D 74R, 6D 10R, 1D
1928 Herbert Hoover and Charles Curtis (R) Green tickY
1929 H. L. Carnahan (R) Vierling C. Kersey (R) 71R, 7D, 2I
1931 James Rolph (R)[3] Frank Merriam (R) 36R, 4D 73R, 7D
1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt and John Nance Garner (D) Green tickY
1933 35R, 5D 55R, 25D William Gibbs McAdoo (D)[10] 11D, 9R
1934 Frank Merriam (R) Vacant
1935 George J. Hatfield (R) 31R, 8D, 1I 42R, 37D, 1I 13D, 7R
1937 Harry B. Riley (R) Walter F. Dexter (NP) 25R, 15D 47D, 33R 15D, 4R, 1P
1939 Culbert Olson (D) Ellis E. Patterson (D) Earl Warren (R) 3R, 1D 21R, 19D 44D, 36R Sheridan Downey (D) 11D, 8R, 1P
1940 Paul Peek (D) Franklin D. Roosevelt and Henry A. Wallace (D) Green tickY
1941 24R, 16D 42D, 38R 10D, 10R
1943 Earl Warren (R) Frederick F. Houser (R) Robert W. Kenny (D) Frank M. Jordan (R) 44R, 36D 13D, 10R
1944 Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman (D) Green tickY
1945 Roy E. Simpson (NP) 24R, 20D 42R, 37D, 1I 16D, 7R
1946 William Knowland (R)[7]
1947 Goodwin Knight (R) Frederick N. Houser (R) Thomas Kuchel (R) 48R, 32D 14R, 9D
1948 Harry S. Truman and Alben W. Barkley (D) Green tickY
1949 26R, 14D 45R, 35D 12R, 11D
1951 Pat Brown (D) 28R, 12D 47R, 33D Richard Nixon (R)
1952 Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon (R) Green tickY
1953 Robert C. Kirkwood (R)[7] 29R, 11D 53R, 27D Thomas Kuchel (R)[7] 19R, 11D
1954 Goodwin Knight (R) Harold J. Powers (R) 2R, 2D[8]
1955 22R, 18D 47R, 23D
1957 A. Ronald Burton (R) 20D, 20R[11] 42R, 38D 17R, 13D
1959 Pat Brown (D) Glenn M. Anderson (D) Stanley Mosk (D) Bert A. Betts (D) Alan Cranston (D) 4D 26D, 14R 47D, 33R Clair Engle (D)[3] 16D, 14R
1960 Richard Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. (R) Red XN
1961 30D, 10R 24D, 14R
1963 Max Rafferty (NP) 27D, 13R 52D, 28R 23D, 15R
1964 Lyndon B. Johnson and Hubert Humphrey (D) Green tickY
Thomas C. Lynch (D)[7] Pierre Salinger (D)[7]
1965 49D, 31R George Murphy (R)
1967 Ronald Reagan (R) Robert Finch (R) Ivy Baker Priest (R) Houston I. Flournoy (R) 21D, 19R[12] 42D, 38R 21D, 17R
1968 20D, 20R Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew (R) Green tickY
1969 Edwin Reinecke (R) 21R, 19D 41R, 39D Alan Cranston (D)
1970 H. P. Sullivan (R)
1971 Evelle J. Younger (R) Jerry Brown (D) Wilson Riles (NP) 21D, 19R 43D, 37R John V. Tunney (D) 20D, 18R
1973 20D, 20R[13] 51D, 29R 23D, 20R
1974 John L. Harmer (R)
1975 Jerry Brown (D) Mervyn M. Dymally (D) March Fong Eu (D) Jesse Unruh (D)[3] Kenneth Cory (D) 25D, 15R 55D, 25R 28D, 15R
1976 Gerald Ford and Bob Dole (R) Red XN
1977 28D, 12R 57D, 23R S. I. Hayakawa (R) 29D, 14R
1979 Michael Curb (R) George Deukmejian (R) 3D, 1R 26D, 14R 50D, 30R 28D, 15R
1980 Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush (R) Green tickY
1981 47D, 33R 22D, 21R
1983 George Deukmejian (R) Leo T. McCarthy (D) John Van de Kamp (D) Bill Honig (NP) 25D, 15R 48D, 32R Pete Wilson (R) 28D, 17R
1985 47D, 33R
1987 Gray Davis (D) 2D, 2R[14] 24D, 14R, 1I 44D, 36R
1988 Elizabeth Whitney (D)[15] George H. W. Bush and Dan Quayle (R) Green tickY
1989 Thomas W. Hayes (R)[7] 47D, 33R
1991 Pete Wilson (R) Dan Lungren (R) Kathleen Brown (D) John Garamendi (D) 25D, 14R, 1I 46D, 34R John Seymour (R)[7] 26D, 19R
1992 Bill Clinton and Al Gore (D) Green tickY
1993 David Dawson (NP)[15] 23D, 15R, 2I 48D, 32R Dianne Feinstein (D) Barbara Boxer (D) 30D, 22R
1994 Tony Miller (D)[15]
1995 Gray Davis (D) Bill Jones (R) Matt Fong (R) Kathleen Connell (D) Chuck Quackenbush (R) Delaine Eastin (NP) 21D, 17R, 2I 41R, 39D[16] 27D, 25R
1996 26D, 26R
1997 23D, 16R, 1I 43D, 37R 29D, 23R
1999 Gray Davis (D)[17] Cruz Bustamante (D) Bill Lockyer (D) Phil Angelides (D) 25D, 15R 47D, 32R, 1G 28D, 24R
2000 J. Clark Kelso[15] 27D, 25R Al Gore and Joe Lieberman (D) Red XN
2001 Harry W. Low (D)[7] 26D, 14R 50D, 30R 32D, 20R
2003 Kevin Shelley (D)[18] Steve Westly (D) John Garamendi (D) Jack O'Connell (NP) 25D, 15R 48D, 32R 33D, 20R
2004 Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) John Kerry and John Edwards (D) Red XN
2005 Bruce McPherson (R)[7]
2007 John Garamendi (D) Jerry Brown (D) Debra Bowen (D) Bill Lockyer (D) John Chiang (D) Steve Poizner (R) 34D, 19R
2008 Barack Obama and Joe Biden (D) Green tickY
2009 50D, 29R, 1I
2010 Abel Maldonado (R)[7]
2011 Jerry Brown (D) Gavin Newsom (D) Kamala Harris (D) Dave Jones (D) Tom Torlakson (NP) 52D, 28R
2012 52D, 27R, 1I
2013 29D, 11R 55D, 25R
2015 Alex Padilla (D) John Chiang (D) Betty Yee (D) 26D, 14R 52D, 28R 38D, 15R
2016 Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine (D) Red XN
2017 Xavier Becerra (D)[7] 27D, 13R 55D, 25R Kamala Harris (D) 39D, 14R
2018 26D, 14R[19]
2019 Gavin Newsom (D) Eleni Kounalakis (D) Fiona Ma (D) Ricardo Lara (D) Tony Thurmond (NP) 3D, 1R 29D, 11R 60D, 20R 46D, 7R
61D, 19R[20]
61D, 18R, 1I [21]
2020 45D, 7R[22] Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (D) Green tickY
Year Governor Lt. Governor Attorney General Secretary of State Treas. Cont. Ins. Comm. Supt. of Pub. Inst. Board of Equalization State Senate State Assem. U.S. Senator (Class I) U.S. Senator (Class III) U.S. House Electoral College votes
Executive offices State Legislature United States Congress

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  1. ^ A Democrat, John Bigler, was re-elected Speaker, continuing in his service from when it was a non-partisan body.
  2. ^ The Whig sided with the Know-Nothings to elect a Know-Nothing President Pro Tempore, Delos R. Ashley.
  3. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k Died in office
  4. ^ A Democrat, William Irwin, was elected President Pro Tempore with the help of the People's Independent Party.
  5. ^ A representative of the People's Independent Party, Morris M. Estee, was elected Speaker with the help of Democrats.
  6. ^ Elected a Democratic President Pro Tempore.
  7. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m Appointed to fill vacancy.
  8. ^ a b Republicans held the State Controller's office for the duration of this tie and cast the tie-breaking vote here, giving control of the Board to the Republicans.
  9. ^ A Progressive Speaker was elected with Democratic support.
  10. ^ Resigned November 8, 1938. Thomas M. Storke (D) was appointed to replace McAdoo on November 9, but as Congress was not in session Storke never took any legislative action or cast any votes in his time as Senator.
  11. ^ A Democrat, Hugh M. Burns was elected Senate President Pro Tempore.
  12. ^ A Democrat, J. Eugene McAteer died in office in May 1967 and was succeeded by a Republican Milton Marks in August 1967 shifting the Senate to 20D, 20R
  13. ^ Democrat James Mills continued as Senate President Pro Tempore.
  14. ^ Democratic State Controllers have held office for the entire duration of this tie, giving Democrats control of the Board.
  15. ^ a b c d Deputy officer who served in an acting capacity after a vacancy.
  16. ^ Democrat Willie Brown continued as Speaker for the first half of 1995 with the support of an Republican-turned-Independent, Paul Horcher, and two Republicans, and those two Republicans, Doris Allen and Brian Setencich, each served as Speaker for three months the second half of 1995. Republican Curt Pringle was then selected as Speaker in 1996 after the Independent and two Republicans were recalled and/or removed from office.
  17. ^ Recalled in 2003.
  18. ^ Resigned March 4, 2005. Deputy Insurance Commissioner Cathy Mitchell served in an acting capacity from March 4 until March 29.
  19. ^ Democratic Senator Josh Newman was recalled and replaced with Republican Ling Ling Chang.
  20. ^ Republican Assemblyman Brian Maienschein switched to the Democratic Party.
  21. ^ Republican Assemblyman Chad Mayes left the Republican party and registered as an independent.
  22. ^ Democrat Katie Hill resigned and was succeeded by Republican Mike Garcia. Republican Duncan D. Hunter resigned and has not yet been replaced.