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Partisan identification in the electorate[edit]

As of early fall 2016 registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by 919,000 in Pennsylvania, with 4.1 million Democrats and 3.2 million Republicans.[1] 452,669 voters were registered with non-major parties and 702,482 defined themselves as non-affiliated.[2] The gap between the number of registered Democrats and the number of registered Republicans in the state has drastically decreased in recent years.

Partisan affiliation of elected officials[edit]

The following table indicates the party of elected officials in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania:

The table also indicates the historical party composition in the:

Pennsylvania currently has 20 electoral votes based on their 18 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 2 United States Senators. The table below indicates which party's nominees received the state's electoral votes for the years in which a presidential election was held.

The parties are as follows:   Anti-Administration (AA);   Anti-Masonic (AM);   Democratic (D);   Democratic-Republican (DR);   Federalist (F);   Jacksonian (J);   no party (N), or unknown;   National Union (NU);   National Republican (NR);   Opposition (O);   Pro-Administration (PA);   Progressive (P);   Republican (R);   Whig (W); and   a tie or coalition within a group of elected officials.

Year Executive offices State Legislature United States Congress Electoral College votes
Governor Lieutenant Governor Attorney General Auditor Treasurer State Senate State House U.S. Senator (Class I) U.S. Senator (Class III) U.S. House
1777 [3] [4] [5] David Rittenhouse 51Con, 15Rep, 6? began in 1789
1778 54Con, 7?, 5Rep
1779 43Con, 26Rep, 3?
1780 51Con, 14Rep, 7?
1781 41Con, 31Rep
1782 38Con, 36Rep
1783 39Rep, 34Con, 1?
1784 44Rep, 29Con
1785 56Con, 18Rep
1786 38Rep, 37Con
1787 41Rep, 28Con
1788 37Rep, 32Con
1789 Christian Febiger 47Rep, 22Con William Maclay (AA) Robert Morris (PA) 6PA, 2AA George Washington (N) and John Adams (F) Green tickY
1790 42Rep, 27Con
1791 Thomas Mifflin (F) [6] 10F, 8DR 36F, 33DR vacant 4PA, 4AA
1792 42F, 27DR
1793 9F, 9DR[7] 8AA, 5PA
1794 10F, 8DR 48F, 21DR Albert Gallatin (AA)
1795 14F, 10DR 49F, 29DR William Bingham (F) 8DR, 5F
1796 15F, 9DR 45F, 33DR 7DR, 6F Thomas Jefferson (DR) Red XN and John Adams (F) Red XN
1797 Peter Baynton 44F, 34DR James Ross (F) 8DR, 5F
1798 41F, 37DR
1799 47F, 31DR 9DR, 4F
1800 Thomas McKean (DR) 16F, 8DR 41DR, 37F Thomas Jefferson (DR) Green tickY and John Adams (F) Red XN
1801 Jacob Carpenter 13F, 11DR 55DR, 23F Peter Muhlenberg (DR) 10DR, 3F
George Logan (DR)
1802 Isaac Weaver 17DR, 8F 71DR, 15F
1803 21DR, 4F 77DR, 9F Samuel Maclay (DR) 18DR
1804 24DR, 1F 81DR, 5F Thomas Jefferson and George Clinton (DR) Green tickY
1805 25DR 78DR, 8F 17DR, 1F
1806 15 Const., 10DR[8] 53 Const., 33DR[8]
1807 William Findlay (DR) 13 Const., 12DR[8] 46DR, 40 Const.[8] Andrew Gregg (DR) 15DR, 3F
1808 14DR, 7 Quid, 4F 43DR, 23F, 20 Quid[9] James Madison and George Clinton (DR) Green tickY
1809 Simon Snyder (DR) 19DR, 7 Quid, 5F 74DR, 21F Michael Leib (DR) 16DR, 2F
1810 22DR, 6F, 3 Quid 73DR, 15F, 7 Quid
1811 21DR, 7F, 2 Old School R, 1 Quid 72DR, 17F, 6 Quid 17DR, 1F
1812 26DR, 5F 84DR, 11F James Madison and Elbridge Gerry (DR) Green tickY
1813 77DR, 18F Abner Lacock (DR) 22DR, 1F
1814 25DR, 6F 85DR, 10F   21DR, 2F
1815 21DR, 10F 71DR, 24F Jonathan Roberts (DR) 19DR, 4F
1816 19DR, 12F 71DR, 26F James Monroe and Daniel D. Tompkins (DR) Green tickY
1817 R. M. Crain 57DR, 30F, 10 Old School R
1818 William Findlay (DR) 55DR, 42F[10]
1819 20DR, 11F 64DR, 33F Walter Lowrie (DR)
1820 John B. Trevor 23DR, 6F, 2 Old School R 67DR, 24F, 6 Old School R 18DR, 5F
1821 Joseph Hiester (DR) William Clark 20DR, 11F 52F, 45DR vacant 15DR, 8F
1822 17DR, 14F 67DR, 30F William Findlay (DR) 16DR, 7F
1823 23DR, 10F 71DR, 29F 20DR, 6F
1824 John Andrew Shulze (DR) 21DR, 11F, 1? 77DR, 23F Andrew Jackson and John C. Calhoun (DR) Red XN
1825 26DR, 7F 79DR, 21F William Marks (NR) 14J, 11DR, 1F
1826 27DR, 6F 77DR, 23F 17J, 9DR
1827 Alexander Mahon 74DR, 26F Isaac D. Barnard (J) 22J, 3DR, 1NR
1828 26J, 7NR 76J, 22NR, 2 vac. Andrew Jackson and John C. Calhoun (D) Green tickY
1829 89J, 11NR 24J, 1AM, 1NR
1830 George Wolf (J) 26J, 6NR, 1AM 87J, 13AM
1831 25J, 5NR, 4AM 72J, 28AM William Wilkins (J) 17J, 7AM, 2NR
1832 23J, 6AM, 4NR 74J, 22AM, 4NR George M. Dallas (J) Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren (D) Green tickY
1833 22J, 9AM, 2NR 61J, 33AM, 5NR, 1? Samuel McKean (J) 14J, 10AM, 4NR
1834 24J, 7AM, 2NR 64J, 25AM, 11NR
1835 Joseph Lawrence 25J, 6AM, 2W 62J, 27AM, 11W   17J, 7AM, 4NR
1836 Joseph Ritner (AM) Daniel Sturgeon (D) 23D, 9AM, 1W 72AM/W, 28D Martin Van Buren and Richard Mentor Johnson (D) Green tickY
1837 15D, 12W, 6A-M[11] 72D, 21A-M, 7W James Buchanan (D) 16D, 7AM, 3W, 2J
1838 19W, 14D 56D, 44W
1839 David R. Porter (D) 18W, 15D vacant 17D, 6W, 5AM
1840 Almon H. Reed 17D, 16W 69D, 31W   William Henry Harrison and John Tyler (W) Green tickY
1841 John Gilmore (D) 20W, 13D 55W, 45D 15D, 13W
1842 Job Mann (D) 17W, 16D 64D, 34W, 2 Wkngmn
1843 19D, 14W 57D, 40W, 2 Wkngmn, 1I   12D, 12W
1844 22D, 11W 58D, 42W 13W, 11D James K. Polk and George M. Dallas (D) Green tickY
1845 Francis R. Shunk (D) James Ross Snowden 21D, 11W, 1A 51D, 41W, 8A Daniel Sturgeon (D) Simon Cameron (D) 12D, 10W, 2A
1846 18W, 14D, 1A 67D, 33W
1847 John Banks 56W, 44D 16W, 7D, 1A
1848 Arnold Plumber 19W, 14D 64D, 36W 15W, 8D, 1A Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore (W) Green tickY
William F. Johnston (W)
1849 Gideon J. Ball 21W, 12D 50D, 45W, 5A[12] James Cooper (W) 11W, 11D, 1A, 1FS
1850 John M. Bickel vacant 17D, 16W 59D, 41W
1851 Ephraim Banks 16W, 16D, 1I[13] 60D, 36W, 2ID, 1IW, 1 vac. Richard Brodhead (D) 15D, 9W
1852 William Bigler (D) 17W, 16D 58D, 37W, 5A Franklin Pierce and William R. King (D) Green tickY
1853 17W, 15D, 1A 62D, 38W 16D, 9W
1854 Joseph Bailey (D) 18D, 14W, 1A 70D, 26W, 4A
1855 James Pollock (W) Eli Slifer 17D, 15W, 1A 46W, 32D, 22A[14] vacant 13O, 7D, 3W, 1R, 1A
1856 Henry S. Magraw 17D, 16 Fus. 66D, 34 Fus. William Bigler (D) James Buchanan and John C. Breckinridge (D) Green tickY
1857 Jacob Fryle, Jr. 18 Fus., 15D 53D, 47 Fus. Simon Cameron (R) 15D, 10R
1858 William F. Packer (D) 21D, 12R 68D, 30R, 2I 14D, 11R
1859 Eli Slifer 17D, 16R 67R, 33D 20R, 5D
1860 Thomas E. Cochran 21R, 12D 66R, 34D Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin (R) Green tickY
1861 Andrew Gregg Curtin (R) Henry Dunning Moore (R) 27R, 6D 71R, 29D David Wilmot (R) Edgar Cowan (R) 19R, 6D
1862 23R, 10D 51D, 49R 17R, 8D
1863 Isaac Slenker William V. McGrath 21R, 12D 55D, 45R Charles R. Buckalew (D) 12R, 12D
1864 Henry Dunning Moore (R) 17R, 16D 52R, 48D Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson (NU) Green tickY
1865 William H. Kemble 20R, 13D 64R, 36D 15R, 9D
1866 John F. Hartranft (R) 21R, 12D 67R, 33D 16R, 8D
1867 John W. Geary (R) 62R, 38D Simon Cameron (R) 18R, 6D
1868 W. W. Irwin 19R, 14D 54R, 46D Ulysses S. Grant and Schuyler Colfax (R) Green tickY
1869 Robert W. Mackey 18R, 15D 62R, 38D John Scott (R) 16R, 8D
1870 W. W. Irwin 60R, 40D 18R, 6D
1871 Robert W. Mackey 17D, 16R 55R, 45D 13R, 11D
1872 17R, 16D 63R, 39D, 1I Ulysses S. Grant and Henry Wilson (R) Green tickY
C. D. Brigham
Harrison Allen (R)
1873 John F. Hartranft (R) 18R, 14D, 1LR 60R, 39D, 1I   22R, 5D
1874 20R, 12D, 1LR 57R, 43D
1875 John Latta (D) Justus F. Temple 30R, 20D[15] 110D, 89R, 1I, 1 Proh.[16] William A. Wallace (D) 17D, 10R
1876 Henry Rawle 29R, 21D 18D, 9R Rutherford B. Hayes and William A. Wheeler (R) Green tickY
1877 31R, 19D 119R, 81D, 1ID   17R, 10D
1878 William P. Schell Amos C. Noyes
1879 Henry M. Hoyt (R) Charles Warren Stone (R) 32R, 17D, 1GB 107R, 77D, 17GB   17R, 8D, 2GB
1880 Samuel Butler James A. Garfield and Chester A. Arthur (R) Green tickY
1881 John A. Lemon 121R, 78D, 1GB, 1 Fus. Dem. John I. Mitchell (R) 18R, 7D, 2GB
1882 Silas M. Bailey
1883 Robert E. Pattison (D) Chauncey Forward Black (D) 30R, 20D 113D, 88R 15R, 12D, 1GB
1884 Jerome B. Niles William Livsey James G. Blaine and John A. Logan (R) Red XN
1885 31R, 19D 140R, 60D, 1GBR James Donald Cameron (R) 20R, 8D
1886 Matthew S. Quay (R)
1887 James A. Beaver (R) William T. Davies (R) A. Wilson Norris[17] William Livsey 34R, 16D 131R, 69D, 1GBL Matthew S. Quay (R)
1888 William B. Hart Benjamin Harrison and Levi P. Morton (R) Green tickY
Thomas McCamant
1889 William Livsey 144R, 60D 21 R, 7D
1890 Henry K. Boyer
1891 Robert E. Pattison (D) Louis Arthur Watres (R) 31R, 19D 122R, 79D, 3 Fus.   18R, 10D
1892 David McMurtrie Gregg (R) John W. Morrison 17R, 11D Benjamin Harrison and Whitelaw Reid (R) Red XN
1893 33R, 17D 135R, 69D   20R, 10D
1894 Samuel M. Jackson
1895 Daniel H. Hastings (R) Walter Lyon (R) Amos H. Mylin 44R, 6D 175R, 29D 28R, 2D
1896 Benjamin J. Haywood William McKinley and Garret Hobart (R) Green tickY
1897 172R, 32D   27R, 3D
1898 Levi G. McCauley (R) James S. Beacom (R)
1899 William A. Stone (R) John P. S. Gobin (R) 37R, 13D 127R, 71D, 6 Fus. vacant 20R, 10D
1900 James E. Barnett (R) William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt (R) Green tickY
1901 Edmund B. Hardenbergh (R) 38R, 12D 156R, 48D Matthew S. Quay (R) 26R, 4D
1902 Frank G. Harris (R)
1903 Samuel W. Pennypacker (R) William M. Brown (R) 40R, 10D 160R, 44D   28R, 4D
1904 William P. Snyder (R) William L. Mathues (R) 29R, 3D Theodore Roosevelt and Charles W. Fairbanks (R) Green tickY
1905 187R, 17D Philander C. Knox (R) 31R, 1D
1906 William H. Berry (D)
1907 Edwin Sydney Stuart (R) Robert S. Murphy (R) Robert K. Young (R) 157R, 50D 25R, 7D
1908 John O. Sheatz (R) William Howard Taft and James S. Sherman (R) Green tickY
1909 39R, 11D 173R, 34D   Boies Penrose[17] (R) 27R, 5D
1910 A.E. Sisson (R)
1911 John K. Tener (R) John Merriman Reynolds (R) Charles Frederick Wright (R) 38R, 18D 162R, 44D, 1S George T. Oliver (R) 23R, 9D
1912 24R, 8D Theodore Roosevelt and Hiram Johnson (P) Red XN
1913 Archibald W. Powell (R) Robert K. Young (R) 34R, 13D, 3P 127R, 57D, 14P, 9 Wash. 22R, 12D, 2P
1915 Martin Grove Brumbaugh (R) Frank B. McClain (R) 38R, 11D, 1P 164R, 41D, 1S, 1P   30R, 6D
1916 Charles Evans Hughes and Charles W. Fairbanks (R) Red XN
1917 Charles A. Snyder (R) Harmon M. Kephart (R) 39R, 10D, 1P 169R, 37D, 1S, 1P Philander C. Knox (R) 29R, 6D, 1P
1918 28R, 7D, 1P
1919 William Cameron Sproul (R) Edward E. Beidleman (R) 44R, 6D 184R, 23D 29R, 7D
1920 30R, 6D Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge (R) Green tickY
1921 Samuel S. Lewis (R) Charles A. Snyder (R) 47R, 3D 193R, 14D   35R, 1D
William E. Crow (R)
1922 George Wharton Pepper (R)
1923 Gifford Pinchot (R) David J. Davis (R) 43R, 7D 167R, 41D David A. Reed (R) 30R, 6D
1924 Calvin Coolidge and Charles G. Dawes (R) Green tickY
1925 Edward Martin (R) Samuel S. Lewis (R) 42R, 8D 194R, 14D 36R
1927 John Stuchell Fisher (R) Arthur James (R) 45R, 5D 191R, 17D William Scott Vare (R) 34R, 2D
1928 Herbert Hoover and Charles Curtis (R) Green tickY
1929 Charles A. Waters (R) Edward Martin (R) 44R, 6D 192R, 16D   35R, 1D
1930 Joseph R. Grundy (R) 36R
1931 Gifford Pinchot (R) Edward C. Shannon (R) 46R, 4D 184R, 22D, 2S   33R, 3D
1932 Herbert Hoover and Charles Curtis (R) Red XN
1933 Frank E. Baldwin (R) Charles A. Waters (R) 43R, 7D 140R, 65D, 2I, 1S James J. Davis (R) 23R, 11D
1934 22R, 12D
1935 George Howard Earle III (D) Thomas Kennedy (D) 31R, 19D 117D, 89R, 2S   23D, 11R
1936 Franklin D. Roosevelt and John Nance Garner (D) Green tickY
1937 Warren R. Roberts (D) F. Clair Ross (D) 34D, 16R 154D, 54R 27D, 7R
1939 Arthur James (R) Samuel S. Lewis (R) 27R, 23D 129R, 79D   19R, 15D
1940 Franklin D. Roosevelt and Henry A. Wallace (D) Green tickY
1941 F. Clair Ross (D) G. Harold Wagner (D) 32R, 18D 126D, 82R Joseph F. Guffey (D) 19D, 15R
1943 Edward Martin (R) John C. Bell, Jr. (R) 132R, 76D 20R, 13D
1944 21R, 12D Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman Green tickY
1945 Ted A. Rosenberg Ramsey S. Black (D) 109R, 99D Francis J. Myers (D) 18R, 15D
G. Harold Wagner (D)
1946 19R, 14D
1947 John C. Bell, Jr. (R) vacant 34R, 16D 170R, 38D Edward Martin (R) 28R, 5D
James H. Duff (R) Daniel B. Strickler (R)
1948 Thomas E. Dewey and Earl Warren (R) Red XN
1949 Weldon B. Heyburn (R) Charles R. Barber (R) 35R, 15D 117R, 91D 17R, 16D
1951 John S. Fine (R) Lloyd H. Wood (R) 30R, 20D 120R, 88D James H. Duff (R) 20R, 13D
1952 Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon (R) Green tickY
1953 Charles R. Barber (R) Weldon B. Heyburn (R) 32R, 18D 110R, 98D   19R, 11D[18]
1955 George M. Leader (D) Roy E. Furman (D) 26R, 24D 112D, 98R 16R, 14D
1957 Charles C. Smith (R) Robert F. Kent (R) 27R, 23D 126R, 84D Joseph S. Clark (D) 17R, 13D
1959 David L. Lawrence (D) John Morgan Davis (D) 28R, 22D 108D, 102R   16D, 14R
1960 John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson (D) Green tickY
1961 Thomas Z. Minehart (D) Grace M. Sloan (D) 25D, 25R[19] 109D, 101R 16R, 14D
1963 William Scranton (R) Raymond P. Shafer (R) 27R, 23D 108R, 102D   14R, 13D[20]
1964 Lyndon B. Johnson and Hubert Humphrey (D) Green tickY
1965 Grace M. Sloan (D) Thomas Z. Minehart (D) 28R, 22D 116D, 93R Hugh Scott (R) 15D, 12R
1967 Raymond P. Shafer (R) Raymond J. Broderick (R) 27R, 23D 104R, 99D 14D, 13R
1968 Hubert Humphrey and Edmund Muskie (D) Red XN
1969 Bob Casey Sr. (D) Grace M. Sloan (D) 107D, 96R Richard S. Schweiker (R)
1971 Milton Shapp (D) Ernest P. Kline (D) 26D, 24R 113D, 90R  
1972 Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew (R) Green tickY
1973 107R, 96D 13D, 12R[21]
1975 30D, 20R 113D, 90R   14D, 11R
1976 Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale (R) Green tickY
1977 Al Benedict (D) Robert E. Casey (D) 31D, 19R 118D, 85R   17D, 8R
1979 Dick Thornburgh (R) William Scranton, III (R) 28D, 22R 102R, 101D 15D, 10R
1980 Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush (R) Green tickY
1981 LeRoy S. Zimmerman (R) Budd Dwyer (R)[17] 26R, 24D 103R, 100D   13D, 12R
1983 27R, 23D 103D, 100R John Heinz (R)[17] 13D, 10R[22]
1985 Donald A. Bailey (D)
1987 Bob Casey (D) Mark Singel (D) G. Davis Greene (D)[23] 26R, 24D 102D, 101R   12D, 11R
1988 George H. W. Bush and Dan Quayle (R) Green tickY
1989 Ernie Preate (R)[24] Barbara Hafer (R) Catherine Baker Knoll (D) 27R, 23D 104D, 99R  
1991 26R, 24D 107D, 96R 12R, 11D
Harris Wofford (D)[25]
1992 Bill Clinton and Al Gore (D) Green tickY
1993 25D, 25R[26] 105D, 98R Arlen Specter (R) 11D, 10R[27]
1994 26R, 24D[28]
1995 Tom Ridge (R) Mark S. Schweiker (R) 29R, 21D 102R, 101D  
Tom Corbett (R)[23]
1997 D. Michael Fisher (R)[24] Bob Casey Jr. (D) Barbara Hafer (R) 30R, 20D 104R, 99D
1999 103R, 100D  
2000 Al Gore and Joe Lieberman (D) Red XN
2001 104R, 99D Rick Santorum (R) 11R, 10D
Mark S. Schweiker (R)[29] Robert Jubelirer (R)[30]
2003 Ed Rendell (D) Catherine Baker Knoll (D)[17] Barbara Hafer (D) 29R, 21D 110R, 93D 12R, 7D[31]
2004 John Kerry and John Edwards (D) Red XN
Jerry Pappert (R)[23]
2005 Tom Corbett (R) Jack Wagner (D) Bob Casey Jr. (D)[32] 30R, 20D 110R, 93D  
2007 Robin Wiessmann (D)[23] 29R, 21D 102D, 101R[33]   11D, 8R
2008 Barack Obama and Joe Biden (D) Green tickY
Joseph B. Scarnati (R)[30]
2009 Robert McCord (D)[24][34] 30R, 20D 104D, 99R 12D, 7R
Arlen Specter (D)[35]
2011 Tom Corbett (R) Jim Cawley (R) Linda L. Kelly (R)[23][36] 112R, 91D Pat Toomey (R) 12R, 7D
2013 Kathleen Kane (D)[24][37] Eugene DePasquale (D) 27R, 23D 111R, 92D Bob Casey Jr. (D) 13R, 5D[38]
2015 Tom Wolf (D) Mike Stack (D) Tim Reese (I)[23] 30R, 20D 120R, 83D
2016 31R, 19D 119R, 84D Donald Trump and Mike Pence (R) Green tickY
Bruce Beemer (D)[23][39]
2017 Josh Shapiro (D) Joe Torsella (D) 34R, 16D 122R, 82D  
2018 10R, 8D[40][41]
2019 John Fetterman (D) 29R, 21D 110R, 93D   9R, 9D[42]
Year Governor Lieutenant Governor Attorney General Auditor Treasurer State Senate State House U.S. Senator (Class I) U.S. Senator (Class III) U.S. House Electoral College votes
Executive offices State Legislature United States Congress

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