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Ralph Nader is an American consumer advocate who has run repeatedly for the office of president of the United States since 1992, with his 1996 and 2000 candidacies being backed by the Green Party. To date, he has never held public office at any level of U.S. government.

Foreign policy[edit]

Defense and military[edit]

Nader favors drastic cuts in both defense and military spending.

Relations and views of other governments[edit]

Nader is opposed to both the Afghan War and the Iraq War. He has stated that President Barack Obama's involvement in the Libyan Civil War is an impeachable offense.


Nader favors reopening American negotiations with the Cuban government.

Israel/Palestinian territories[edit]

Nader is an outspoken critic of Israeli foreign policy and backs the Israeli peace camp. On Meet the Press in early 2008, shortly after he had announced his candidacy for the 2008 presidential election, he also criticized Barack Obama's policy regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,[1] to which the Republican Jewish Coalition responded by comparing Obama's pre-presidential record with Nader's views on the conflict.[2]

Russia and CIS countries[edit]

Energy policy[edit]

Nader is against nuclear energy and in favor of the expansion of solar energy.

Environmental policy[edit]

Nader favors environmental protection.

Economic policy[edit]


Nader strongly supports the ending of corporate personhood, as he has not viewed corporations as entities worthy of the designation.

Free trade[edit]


Nader supports a speculation tax in order to stem activity in the speculation market.



Nader endorses the repeal of the Taft–Hartley Act.


Social policy[edit]

Civil rights[edit]

Nader is a strong civil libertarian.


Health care[edit]

Nader is in favor of a national single-payer health care plan.


Public safety[edit]

He backed the National Maximum Speed Law as a safety measure.[3]

Fiscal policy[edit]

Social security[edit]

Welfare and poverty[edit]


Constitutional policy[edit]

Campaign finance[edit]

Nader is a supporter of campaign finance reform, opposes the Citizens United decision, and has stated numerous times that corporations are not people.

Judicial and legal[edit]


Nader is in favor of national initiatives for direct democratic referenda at the federal level.


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