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The first set of political states of Greyhawk were created in 1979 by Gary Gygax and published in 1980[1] as the folio edition of the World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting for the game of Dungeons & Dragons.[2] Although the City of Greyhawk and the states that immediately surrounded it were drawn from Gygax's home campaign, Gygax created the rest of the regions and states for the folio edition,[3] bringing the total number to sixty:

Almor Furyondy Iuz Pomarj Spindrift Isles[4] Ull
Ahlissa Geoff Keoland Ratik Sterich Urnst (County)
Bandit Kingdoms Gran March Ket[5] Rel Astra Stonefist Urnst (Duchy)
Bissel Great Kingdom Lordship of the Isles Rovers of the Barrens Sunndi Valley of the Mage[6]
Blackmoor[7] Greyhawk Medegia Scarlet Brotherhood Tenh Veluna
Bone March Highfolk North Province Sea Barons Tiger Nomads Verbobonc
Celene Horned Society Nyrond Sea Princes Tusmit Wild Coast
Dyvers Ice Barbarians Onnwal Shield Lands Ulek (County) Wolf Nomads
Ekbir Idee Pale Snow Barbarians Ulek (Duchy) Yeomanry
Frost Barbarians Irongate Perrenland South Province Ulek (Principality) Zeif


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