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Campaigns & Elections  
Campaigns & Elections.jpg
Former names
Politics magazine
Discipline Politics
Language English, Spanish
Edited by Sean Miller
Publication details
Political World Communications, LLC (United States)
Publication history
1980; 37 years ago (1980) by Stanley Foster Reed
ISSN 0197-0771

Campaigns & Elections is a practical online journal of political campaigns, focused on tools, tactics and techniques of the political consulting profession. It was founded by Stanley Foster Reed in the spring of 1980: he described its purpose as: "In political campaigns and in business, it is management that makes the difference. Management of resources: money, media, people. That's what Campaigns & Elections is all about, and will be about: how to manage the hundreds of millions of dollars that are annually poured into political campaigns. C&E is and will continue to be a 'how-to' journal...."[1] Its headquarters is in Arlington, Virginia.[2]

Campaigns & Elections is an exclusively digital publication.[3] It also has an auxiliary website, The Political Pages, a comprehensive annual directory of political firms and professionals.[3]

Conferences and Events[edit]

The magazine also runs conferences and events focusing on political campaign skills and technology. Their "Art of Political Campaigning" is a two-day conference[4] taking place every summer, covering all aspects of political campaigning. The conference has been running in various formats for over 30 years.[5] CampaignTech East is an annual two day conference focusing on the digital aspects of political campaigning .[6]

The Reed Awards,[7] first given in 2009, are prizes selected by a panel of judges for excellence in political campaigning, campaign management, political consulting. and political design. In 2013, the awards were announced on February 1, 2013 in more than 90 categories for advertisements using various media and technology, television, newspaper and radio ads, direct mail, collateral materials, online advertising and technology. First place winners receive a crystal statue and recognition by the magazine in print and online. The awards are named after the organization's founder, Stanley Foster Reed.

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