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Cardiff is represented politically on a number of local, regional, national and international levels.

Political representation[edit]

The four Cardiff constituencies

Cardiff is split into four parliamentary constituencies which form the electoral basis for elections to the Parliament of the United Kingdom and the National Assembly for Wales.

The constituencies and their representatives in the House of Commons since the 2015 election have been:

Famous politicians who have represented Cardiff constituencies include James Callaghan, a former Prime Minister who held his constituency seat for over forty years, and George Thomas, 1st Viscount Tonypandy, who served as Speaker of the House of Commons between 1976 and 1983.

European Parliament[edit]

Cardiff is part of the Wales constituency in European Parliament elections, which elects four representatives. The current Members of the European Parliament for Wales are:[5]

National Assembly for Wales[edit]

The Senedd building.

The National Assembly for Wales has been based in Cardiff Bay since its formation in 1999. The building which is now known as the Senedd (Welsh for Legislature, Parliament or Senate) was opened on 1 March 2006, by the Queen. The executive and civil servants of the Welsh Assembly Government are based in Cardiff's Cathays Park while the Assembly Members, the Assembly Parliamentary Service and Ministerial support staff are based in Cardiff Bay. Cardiff elects four constituency Assembly Members (AMs) to the Assembly, with the individual constituencies for the Assembly being the same as for the UK Parliament. All of the city's residents have an extra vote for the South Wales Central region which increases proportionality to the Assembly. The most recent Welsh Assembly elections were held on 3 May 2007.

As with the United Kingdom Partliment, Cardiff is split into four constituencies:

The South Wales Central Assembly Region elects four Assembly Members to serve the area covered by Cardiff, Rhondda-Cynon-Taf and the Vale of Glamorgan local authority areas. These are currently:

Local government[edit]

Cardiff's City Hall
Main article: Cardiff Council

Since local government reorganisation in 1996, Cardiff has been governed by the City and County Council of Cardiff, which is based at County Hall in Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff Bay. Voters elect 75 councillors every four years, with the next elections due to be held in 2016.

The council was run by a Labour majority administration between 1995 and 2004. The Liberal Democrats ran a minority administration from 2004-2008. In 2012 Labour regained control of the council. At present, Labour have 45 councillors, the Liberal Democrats have 15, the Conservativies have 7, Plaid Cymru have 2 and six councillors sit as independents. The Leader of the Council, Cllr Phil Bale, is from the Labour Party.

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