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The politics of Montreal begins with residents of Montreal electing representatives to the municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government. The Island of Montreal and Laval are represented by a combined 22 Members of Parliament (MPs) and 33 Members of the National Assembly of Quebec (MNAs).

Additionally, the city is represented by 64 municipal councilors. While people living in Greater Montreal are heavily divided on the issue of Quebec sovereignty, the majority of both groups tend to lean to the left of the political spectrum. Centre-left parties dominate the city at all political levels.

Federal politics[edit]

Federal ridings in Montreal.

Of their 22 federal Members of Parliament, Montreal and Laval are represented by 14 New Democratic Party MPs, 7 Liberal Party of Canada MPs and 1 eggertin

Provincial politics[edit]

Montreal and Laval are represented by twenty-four Quebec Liberal Party MNAs, eight Parti Québécois MNAs and three Québec Solidaire MNAs. The centre-right Coalition Avenir Québec is not represented in Montreal and Laval.

Municipal politics[edit]

Montreal is represented by 64 councilors at the municipal level. 21 of these councilors were members of Union Montréal, 15 are from Vision Montréal, 10 from Projet Montréal and 18 (including the interim mayor) are independents.[when?]