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Polizei is the German word for police. It might refer to:

National agencies[edit]

State agencies[edit]

Police units[edit]

  • Autobahnpolizei, highway police
  • Bahnpolizei, railway police
  • Bereitschaftspolizei, police support group and riot police of Germany
  • Landeskriminalamt, an independent agency in most German states that is subordinate to the state ministry of the interior
  • Kriminalpolizei, criminal Investigation Police in Germany, Austria and Switzerland; similar to the British Criminal Investigation Department
  • Schutzpolizei, a branch of the Landespolizei, the state (land) level police of the German states
  • Spezialeinsatzkommando, specialized operation armed response units of the sixteen German state police forces
  • Wasserschutzpolizei, water police that patrols the waterways, lakes and harbours of Germany

Defunct agencies[edit]