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Pulap is located in Pacific Ocean
Location of Pulap Atoll in the Pacific Ocean
Landsat picture of Pulap Atoll

Pulap or Pollap is a village and municipality in the state of Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia.[1] The main three islands are Pollap in the north of Pollap Atoll, Tamatam in the south and Fanadik at the western fringe of the reef.

It is a small atoll part of the Pattiw group, located about 220 km to the west of Chuuk.[2]

First recorded sighting of Pulap Atoll was by the Spanish navigator Alonso de Arellano on 17 January 1565 on board of the patache San Lucas.[3] In a Spanish chart of 1879 this atoll appears as Los Martires (The Martyrs in Spanish).[4]


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Coordinates: 7°38′18″N 149°25′46″E / 7.6383°N 149.4294°E / 7.6383; 149.4294