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Poll, polled or polling may refer to:

Figurative head counts[edit]

Mathematics, science, and technology[edit]



  • Claudia Poll (born 1972), Central American swimmer with Olympic gold medal
  • Graham Poll (born 1963), British referee
  • Jon Poll (born 1958), American film director
  • Martin Poll (1922–2012), American film and television producer
  • Max Poll (1908–1991), Belgian ichthyologist
  • Silvia Poll Ahrens (born 1970), Central American swimmer with Olympic medal





  • Poll (band), a Greek pop group of the 1970s
  • Polling or pollarding, cutting the upper part of a tree and allowing it to regrow
  • Poling (metallurgy), removing oxides when refining a metal
  • Polling (usually spelled poleing), standing up with arms to the sides in unusual public spaces; a variant of planking
  • Poll, the German title for the 2010 film The Poll Diaries
  • Poll tax (disambiguation), several related forms of taxation
  • POLL, DNA polymerase lambda
  • Deed poll, a legal document binding only to a single person or party
  • Push poll, an interactive marketing technique designed to appear as an opinion poll

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