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Polly Dunbar
Born Cotswolds, England
Occupation Illustrator, writer
Nationality British
Genre Children's picture books

Polly Dunbar (born in Cotswolds) is an author-illustrator. Dunbar is known for her self-illustrated books Dog Blue, Flyaway Katie and Penguin. She is the daughter of children's book writer Joyce Dunbar, whom she worked with to publish the picture book Shoe Baby. She is also the illustrator for Here's a Little Poem by Jane Yolen and Andrew Fusek Peters, and My Dad's a Birdman by David Almond.


Dunbar was born in the Cotswolds and moved to Stratford upon Avon when she was an eight-month-old.[1] She went to school there until she was eleven and moved to Norwich with her family. There she attended City of Norwich School and Norwich Art school, now known as Norwich University College of the Arts . She started writing and illustrating at age 16, when she published two books – which she describes as "cartoon books inspired by teenage antics".[1] She went to Brighton university and graduated in 1999 with a degree in illustration.[2]

As of February 2008, Dunbar lives in Brighton, England.[3]


Dunbar published Dog Blue and Flyaway Katie in 2004.[4] The following year, she co-operated with her mother, author Joyce Dunbar, to produce the picture book Shoe Baby.[4] Dunbar's 2007 book Penguin is her most critically successful book to date, winning the Booktrust Early Years Awards in pre-school category.[5] and the silver award in the Nestle Children's Book Prize for children under five years old.[6] Dunbar is also the illustrator for Here's A Little Poem which is on the IBBY honour's book list for 2008.[7]

Polly Dunbar was named "Most promising new illustrator" in Publisher Weekly's Cuffie Awards in 2004.[8][9] In 2008, she is featured in The Times's list of "The best new picture book illustrators".[10]


Help series[edit]

  • Help I've forgotten my Brain Kingfisher 1996
  • Help I'm out with the in-crowd Kingfisher 1996

Middle books[edit]

  • A Saucepan on his Head, Collected Nonsense Poems Walker Books 2001
  • Henry VIII, Hole Story Scholastic 2002
  • Cleopatra, Hole Story Scholastic 2002
  • Scrooge, Hole Story Scholastic 2002
  • The Dragon Test written by June Crebbin, Walker Books 2003
  • Hal the Highway Man written by June Crebbin, Walker Books 2003
  • Lucy and the Fire Stone written by June Crebbin, Walker Books 2004
  • Hal the Pirate written by June Crebbin, Walker Books 2004
  • Looking after Louis written by Lesly Ely, Francis Lincoln 2004
  • Flyaway Katie Walker Books 2004
  • Dog Blue Walker Books 2004
  • Shoe Baby written by Joyce Dunbar, Walker Books 2005
  • Down the Back of the Chair written by Margaret Mahy, Francis Lincoln 2006
  • My Dad's a Birdman written by David Almond, Walker Books 2007
  • Penguin Walker Books 2007
  • "Here's a Little Poem" Walker Books 2007
  • "Measuring Angels" written by Lesly Ely, Francis Lincoln 2007
  • "Bubble Trouble" written by Margaret Mahy, Francis Lincoln 2008
  • The Boy Who Climbed into the Moon written by David Almond, Walker Books 2010[11]

Tilly series[edit]

all published via Walker Books
adapted into BBC series[12] 2012 cartoon Tilly and Friends on TVO Kids.
  • "Hello Tilly" 2008, MIDI edition 6 September 2012[13] about a human girl
  • "Happy Hector" 2008, MIDI edition 6 September 2012[14] about a pig boy
  • "Pretty Pru" 2009, MIDI edition 6 September 2012[15] about a bird girl
  • "Where's Tumpty?" 2009, MIDI edition 6 September 2012[16] about an elephant boy
  • "Doodle Bites" 2009, MIDI edition 6 September 2012[17] about a girl crocodile[18]
  • "Goodnight, Tiptoe" 2009, MIDI edition 6 September 2012[19] about a boy bunny
  • "Let's Get Wheeling!" 1 August 2013[20]
  • "Listen to Me!" 1 August 2013[21]
  • "Star Party" 1 August 2013[22]
  • "The Best Day Ever" 1 August 2013[23]
  • "What's Everyone Doing?" 3 April 2014[24]
  • "Who's Hiding?" 3 April 2014[25]
  • "Doctor Tilly" 3 July 2014[26]
  • "Tumpty's Plane" 3 July 2014[27]

Sticker Activity Books:

  • "Dressing Up" 3 October 2013[28]
  • "Play All Day" 3 October 2013[29]

As illustrator[edit]


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