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The Polmadie Bridge is a footbridge that crosses the River Clyde, Scotland.[1] Constructed in 1954–1955, it is made from prestressed concrete.[2] It was permanently closed by Glasgow City Council on 14 May 2015, for reasons of public safety.

Press Reports dated 16 July 2015 indicate the bridge is to be demolished - leaving concrete piers, and allowing restrictions on the stretch of river to be removed.

Work to remove the bridge deck, leaving the concrete piers in place, will begin on 12 October. Restrictions on river users will be lifted when complete. The process is expected to take about five months, after which access to footpaths along the riverbanks will also be restored.


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Coordinates: 55°50′33″N 4°14′07″W / 55.8425°N 4.2354°W / 55.8425; -4.2354