Polo at the 1936 Summer Olympics

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Polo returned to the Olympic program at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, after not being contested at the 1928 Games or 1932 Games. The 1936 tournament was the last time that the sport was contested at the Olympic Games.


Gold Silver Bronze
 Argentina (ARG)
Manuel Andrada
Roberto Cavanagh
Luis Duggan
Andrés Gazzotti
 Great Britain (GBR)
David Dawnay
Bryan Fowler
Humphrey Patrick Guinness
William Hinde
 Mexico (MEX)
Juan Gracia
Julio Mueller
Antonio Nava
Alberto Ramos

Note: The International Olympic Committee medal database shows also only these players as medalists. They all played at least one match during the tournament. The reserve players are not listed as medalists.

Participating nations[edit]

Each country was allowed to enter one team of 8 players and they all were eligible for participation.

A total of 21(*) polo players from 5 nations competed at the Berlin Games:

(*) NOTE: There are only players counted, which participated in one game at least.

Only a few reserve players are known.

IOC invited also the United States and India.


Competition was scheduled with different ways for "strong teams" and "weak teams"

Strong teams division:

August 3: Great Britain - Mexico 13-11

August 5: Argentina - Mexico 15-5

August 7 (FINAL): Argentina - Great Britain 11-0

Weak teams division:

August 4: Hungary - Germany 8-8

replay, August 6: Hungary - Germany 16-6

Third place match

August 8: Mexico - Hungary 16-2


Argentina polo team, gold medal winner
Place Nation
1  Argentina (ARG)
Luis Duggan
Roberto Cavanagh
Andrés Gazzotti
Manuel Andrada
Enrique J. Alberdi
Diego Cavanagh
Juan Nelson
Juan Jose Reynal
2  Great Britain (GBR)
Bryan Fowler
William Hinde
David Dawnay
Humphrey Guinness
3  Mexico (MEX)
Juan Gracia
Julio Mueller
Antonio Nava
Alberto Ramos
Alfinio Flores
Miguel Salvagoitia
Antonio Pérez Ortega
4  Hungary (HUN)
Kálmán Bartalis
István Bethlen
Tivadar Dienes-Öhm
Dezső Kovács
Imre Szentpály
5  Germany (GER)
Heinrich Amsinck
Walter Bartram
Arthur Köser
Robert Miles Reincke
Erich Ottens