Reali ferriere ed Officine di Mongiana

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Blast furnace in Mongiana Foundry
Mongiana armory
mining trucks

Reali ferriere ed Officine di Mongiana or Villaggio Siderurgico di Mongiana[1] (in English: Mongiana Royal Iron Foundry and Works or The Iron & Steel town of Mangiano) was an iron and steel foundry in the small town of Mongiana, in Calabria (Italy). It was founded in 1770–71 by the Bourbons of Naples and closed in 1881, 20 years after the Kingdom of Italy was established. In 1860 the foundry employed up to 1600 workers.


The architect who build the first complex was the neapolitan Mario Gioffredo at 1771 and the first director was G.F. Conty.

French Period[edit]

Bourbon Period[edit]

Italy Period[edit]


  • G.F. Conty (1771–1790)
  • Massimiliano Conty (1791–1799)
  • Vincenzo Squillace (1799–1807)
  • Capitano Ritucci (1808–1811)
  • Cav. Michele Carrascosa (1811–1814)
  • Nicola Landi (1814–1820)
  • Ten. Colonnello Mori (1820–1838)
  • Ten. Colonnello Niola (1839–1849)
  • Pietro Tonson Latour (1849–1852)
  • Ten. Colonnello Ferdinando Pacifici (1852–1859)
  • Maggiore Giuseppe Del Bono (1860–1861)
  • Colonnello Massimino (1861–1861)
  • Capitano Crescenzo Montagna (1862–1870)


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