Polonaises, Op. posth. (Chopin)

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The Polonaises Op. posth[umous] include Frédéric Chopin's polonaises that were unpublished during his life.

The composer's first works were composed when he was seven years old; his father Nicolas Chopin published these works on behalf of his son. The Polonaises in G minor and B-flat major are among these posthumous pieces.

  • KK IIa No. 1: Polonaise in G minor (1817)
  • KK IVa:
    • No. 1: Polonaise in B-flat major (1817)
    • No. 2: Polonaise in A-flat major (1821; dedicated to his teacher Wojciech Żywny)
    • No. 3: Polonaise in G-sharp minor (1822)
    • No. 5: Polonaise in B-flat minor "Adieu à Guillaume Kolberg" (1826)
      • This polonaise quotes the tenor cavatina "Vieni fra queste braccia" from Rossini's opera La gazza ladra, which Chopin and Kolberg had seen together
    • No. 8: Polonaise in G-flat major (1829).

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