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Парад по случаю Дня независимости Белоруссии при участии авиации ЗВО (15).jpg
TypeMultiple rocket launcher
Place of originBelarus
Service history
In service2016 – present
Production history
Produced2014 – present
Caliber300 mm (12 in)
Maximum firing range200 km (120 mi)

global navigation satellite system (GNSS) / inertial navigation system (INS)

The Polonez Multiple Launch Rocket System [1] is a Belarusian 300 mm rocket artillery system of a launcher unit comprising 8 rockets packaged in two four-rocket pods mounted on a MZKT-7930 vehicle.[2] In 2018, it was exported to Azerbaijan.[3] MLRS was designed by the Belarusian Plant of Precision Electromechanics in cooperation with a foreign country. The Belarussian army is armed with it. The upgraded Polonez-M has passed all trials and has been accepted into service by the Belarusian army. Its supplies have already begun. Upgraded Polonez has an increased range of 300 km and a higher share of Belarusian-made components. It can also fire a 480 kg warhead tactical missile.[4]

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