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Polonia 1
LaunchedMarch 7, 1993
Owned byPolcast Television
Picture format576i (16:9 SDTV)
Audience share0.06% (2012, Nielsen[1])
Sister channel(s)Tele 5
Water Planet
Novela TV
Hot Bird 910795 V (FTA)
Cyfrowy PolsatChannel 193
Cyfra+Channel 170
nChannel 221
Orange TVChannel 173
UPC PolandChannel 854
VectraChannel 127

Polonia 1 is one of the first Polish commercial television channels, consisting at first of a network of 12 (and - for a short time - even 13) local TV stations in bigger cities. The station was established by Sardinian businessman Nicola Grauso, closely connected to the former Prime minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi.


Polonia 1 began broadcasting on air on March 7, 1990 by means of the following TV stations:

The broadcast of common block in each of the station, received daily on VHS tapes, began each day at 16:15 and lasted till midnight. Time was filled with such productions like Japanese animated films, adventure and detective TV series (such as MacGyver, The A-Team), but first and foremost Argentinian soap operas such as Manuela, Maria, Stellina), but also movies and documentaries produced by the local communities. Remaining broadcast time was filled with either re-runs of Polonia 1, or stations' own productions. (local news, etc.). Exceptions happen from that general rule, while PTV Copernicus broadcast porn movies (in the morning hours).

Network gained huge popularity - becoming Poland's second most viewable TV station in 1994 being inferior only to Poland's national broadcaster TVP1; this number is, however, questioned by many experts. In the licence competition announced same year, Polonia 1 lost due to exceeding the permissible 33% foreign capital share in the company - all-Poland licence was then assigned to Polsat.

Also local broadcasting frequencies competitions were lost by Polonia 1, as National Council of Radio Broadcasting and Television (KRRiT) accused stations of the lack of independence from Italian investors.

Despite not receiving licences, Polonia 1 stations still broadcast, still trying to undermine concession decisions of KRRiT with Supreme Administrative Court of Poland (NSA) - with no effect.

August 29, 1994 was the day when prosecutor's office in Warsaw, Kraków, Opole, Lublin, Poznań oraz Szczecin (with the support of local anti-terrorist teams) conducted action of closing Polonia 1 stations, which broadcast on frequencies reserved solely for the usage of Polish military. Broadcasters were accused of direct life endangering.

After about 2 weeks following the closure, Polonia 1 started broadcasting via Eutelsat Satellite.

September 21, 1994 saw another wave of closing stations - this time in Gdynia, Łódź, Katowice and Olsztyn. Remaining stations in Bydgoszcz and Wrocław - after broadcasting for the next few months, willingly switched off their Transmitters.

Despite earlier announcements, Polonia 1 did not compete in the next licence competition. Nicola Grauso withdrew from Poland. Polonia 1 was sold to Polcast and now consists of lifestyle programming.



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