Poloz Mukuch Beerhouse

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Poloz Mukuch Beerhouse
Old Gyumri.jpg
Poloz Mukuch Beerhouse
Restaurant information
Food typeArmenian
Street addressJivani Street
CityGyumri, Shirak Province

Poloz Mukuch is a restaurant and prominent beerhouse in Gyumri, the second-largest city in Armenia. It was opened during the 1960s in Soviet Armenia and located in the historic district of Kumayri. It occupies an old mansion built in the 1860s. The beerhouse is named after humorist Mkrtich Melkonyan (1881-1931), a native of Gyumri, better known as Poloz Mukuch.


The building was originally built by Sukias Melikyan around 1880, when Gyumri was known as Alexandropol under Imperial Russia. However, the property was nationalized by the Soviet government in 1937. At the beginning of the 1960s, the building was turned into a state-owned beerhouse.

However, the property was privatized in late 1990s and continued to function as a beerhouse. The 130-year old building is well-preserved and still keeping its original traditional design. The bust of Poloz Mukuch was placed at the entrance.[1]

Nowadays, the beerhouse is one of the prominent landmarks of the city of Gyumri.[2]



Coordinates: 40°47′17″N 43°50′18″E / 40.78806°N 43.83833°E / 40.78806; 43.83833