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The PolyGame Master (PGM) is an arcade system board released in 1997 by the Taiwanese company IGS. The PGM was developed in order to compete with the likes of SNK's Neo Geo MVS system in Taiwan. It was succeeded by PGM2 in 2007, and PGM3 in 2012.

Certain later games, released by CAVE, came on a single dedicated board and utilizes a customized BIOS programmed by CAVE.

IGS PolyGame Master[edit]


System specifications[edit]

  • Main processor: Motorola 68000, running at 20 MHz
  • Sound processor: Zilog Z80, running at 8.468 MHz
  • Sound chip: ICS2115; 32 channel PCM
  • Protection chip: ARM7 ASIC with internal code, running at 20 MHz
  • Hardware features: 1 scrolling 8×8 tiles 4bpp scrolling tilemap, 32×32 tiles 5bpp scrolling tilemap with linescroll, arbitrary size 5bpp sprites, zoom and shrink capabilities

IGS PolyGame Master 2[edit]


System specifications[edit]

  • Main processor: IGS036 (differs per game, internal code)
  • Graphic processor: IGS037
  • Sound chip: Yamaha YMZ774-S
  • Protection chip: R5F21256SN (extra MCU for protection and IC Card communication)
  • Media: ROM (Custom program ROM module (KOV3 only))

IGS PolyGame Master 3[edit]


System specifications[edit]

  • Main processor: Dual Core Intel Atom Processor
  • Chipset: Intel D525 + ICH8M
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Media: SD Card (capacity max to 1 GB)

List of games[edit]

For PGM[edit]

Title AKA title Chinese title(s) Japanese title Release year Notes
Dragon World II China Dragon II Zhōngguó Lóng II Chūgoku Ryū II 1997 Game licensed by Alta.
Oriental Legend Xīyóu Shì È Zhuàn 1997
Dragon World 3 China Dragon 3 Zhōngguó Lóng 3 Chūgoku Ryū 3 1998
Dragon World 3 EX China Dragon 3 EX Zhōngguó Lóng 3 EX Chūgoku Ryū 3 EX 1998
The Killing Blade Ào Jiàn Kuáng Dāo Gōken Kyōtō 1998
Oriental Legend Special Xīyóu Shì È Zhuàn Super 1998
Knights of Valour Sānguó Zhàn Jì Sangoku Senki 1999
Knights of Valour Plus Knights of Valour in Three Kingdoms Sānguó Zhàn Jì Zhèngzōng Plus Sangoku Senki Purasu 1999
Knights of Valour Superheroes Sānguó Zhàn Jì - Fēngyún Zàiqǐ Sangoku Senki Sūpāhīrō 1999
Photo Y2K Real and Fake 1999
Puzzle Star Móhuàn Xīngzuò 1999
Puzzli 2 1999
Dragon World 3 Special China Dragon 3 Special Chūgoku Ryū 3 Supesharu 2000
Knights of Valour 2 Sānguó Zhàn Jì 2 Sangoku Senki 2 2000
DoDonPachi II Nù Shǒulǐng Fēng II - Fēng Bào 2001
Dragon World: Pretty Chance China Dragon: Pretty Chance Chūgoku Ryū: Puriti Chansu 2001 Game licensed by Alta.
Dragon World 2001 China Dragon 4 Zhōngguó Lóng 2001 Chūgoku Ryū 2001 2001 Game licensed by Alta.
Knights of Valour 2 Plus: Nine Dragons Sānguó Zhàn Jì 2 - Qúnxióng Zhēngbà Sangoku Senki: Bushou Souha 2001
Martial Masters 1) Xíng Yì Quán
2) Shin Li Chen
2001 Game licensed by Andamiro.
Photo Y2K 2 Real and Fake 2 2001
Puzzli 2 Super 2001
Demon Front Móyù Zhànxiàn 2002
DoDonPachi DaiOuJou 2002 Game developed and published by CAVE.
DoDonPachi DaiOuJou Black Label 2002 Game developed and published by CAVE.
Espgaluda 2003 Game developed and published by CAVE.
The Gladiator The Road of Sword Dòuhuàn Kuáng 2003 Game licensed by Alta.
Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi 2003 Game developed and published by CAVE.
Happy 6-in-1 2004
Knights of Valour Superheroes Plus Luànshì Xiāoxióng Sangoku Senki Sūpāhīrō Purasu 2004
Oriental Legend Special Plus Xīyóu Shì È Zhuàn Super Plus 2004
Shiny 3-in-1 Flash 3-in-1 2004
The Killing Blade Plus Ào Jiàn Kuáng Dāo Jiāqiáng Bǎn Gōken Kyōtō Purasu 2005
Spectral vs. Generation S.V.G. 2005 Game co-developed with Idea Factory.

For PGM2[edit]

Title AKA title Chinese title Japanese title Release year Notes
Oriental Legend 2 Xīyóu Shì È Zhuàn 2 2007
Knights of Valour 2: New Legend Sānguó Zhàn Jì 2 - Héngsǎo Qiān Jūn Sangoku Senki 2: New Legend 2008
The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Hero 2009 Game developed by New Channel in co-operation with SNK Playmore.
DoDonPachi DaiOuJou Tamashi 2010 Game developed by CAVE and published by IGS.
Jigsaw World Arena 2009 Game developed by Idea Factory[1] under license by Nippon Ichi Software.
Puzzle of Ocha Ochainu No Pazuru 2010 Game developed by Compile Heart.
Knights of Valour 3 Sānguó Zhàn Jì 3 Sangoku Senki 3 2011

For PGM3[edit]

Title AKA title Chinese title Japanese title Release year Notes
Knights of Valour 3 HD Sānguó Zhàn Jì 3 HD Sangoku Senki 3 HD 2012


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