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Polyalkylimide is a polymer which belongs to the family of acryl derivatives. Its polymeric structure does not contain free monomers.

It is also the active ingredient in a permanent dermal filler called Bio-Alcamid (manufactured by Polymekon, Brindisi, Italy) which is a three percent polyalkylimide suspension in water used medically to treat soft tissue deficits such as facial lipoatrophy[1] and lipodystrophy, Poland syndrome, Pectus excavatum (sunken chest), gluteal atrophy, acne and scars.[2] In plastic and reconstructive surgery it is used for building up facial volume in areas like the cheeks, chin, jaw and for lip augmentation.

Since its initial use, numerous reports of adverse reactions have been reported including significant infections[3] and migration resulting in significant facial deformity.[4]

Because of this, Bioalchamid has been taken off the market in Canada and the original manufacture has since stopped production. In Canada, some individuals have attempted to file class action lawsuits against the company.[5]

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