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For a spider genus in the family Pisauridae, see Polyboea (spider).

In Greek mythology, Polyboea[pronunciation?] (Πολύβοια), is a name that refers to:

  1. Polyboea, a sister of Hyacinthus who died a virgin and was believed to have been taken to heaven by Aphrodite, Athena and Artemis, together with her brother.[1]
  2. Polyboea, the first wife of Actor.[2]
  3. Polyboea, daughter of Oecles and Hypermnestra, sister of Iphianeira and Amphiaraus.[3]
  4. Polyboea, a handmaid of Hecuba, who found the dead body of Polydorus.[4]
  5. Polyboea, an alternate name for Philonome, the stepmother of Tenes.[5]
  6. Polyboea, an obscure theonym, likely an epithet of Artemis or Persephone.[6]


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