Polycom VSX 7000

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VSX 7000
Polycom VSX 7000 white bg.JPG
Manufacturer Polycom
Successor Polycom VSX 7000s
Display External, not included in the unit
Rear camera 65° field of view, 12× zoom, 30 frames/sec, FECC
Connectivity IP (up to 2Mbps), ISDN (up to 512kbps)

The VSX 7000 was a videoconferencing system made by Polycom.

The Polycom VSX 7000 was introduced in October 2003. The system features CD quality audio, TV-quality video, and an integrated MCU unit capable of mixed-network multipoint capability for up to four sites.[1]

The camera is connected to the Polycom VSX 7000 via a S-Video cable.

The VSX 7000 was intended for medium-sized conference rooms, and generally received positive reviews.[2]

The system was superseded by the Polycom VSX7000s in 2005. Support from Polycom for this system ended at 12/31/2010.[3]


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