Polydorus (son of Cadmus)

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Theban king
Abode Thebes
Personal Information
Consort Nycteïs
Children Labdacus
Parents Cadmus and Harmonia
Siblings Semele, Ino, Agave, and Autonoë

In Greek mythology, Polydorus (/ˌpɒlˈdɔːrəs/ or /ˌpɒlˈdɒrəs/; Ancient Greek: Πολύδωρος, i.e. "many-gift[ed]") was the eldest son of Cadmus and Harmonia and king of Thebes. His sisters were Semele, Ino, Agave, and Autonoë.


Argive genealogy in Greek mythology
Inachus Melia
Zeus Io Phoroneus
Epaphus Memphis
Libya Poseidon
Belus Achiroë Agenor Telephassa
Danaus Pieria Aegyptus Cadmus Cilix Europa Phoenix
Mantineus Hypermnestra Lynceus Harmonia Zeus
Sparta Lacedaemon Ocalea Abas Agave Sarpedon Rhadamanthus
Eurydice Acrisius Ino Minos
Zeus Danaë Semele Zeus
Perseus Dionysus
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Family Tree of Theban Royal House[edit]


Upon the death of Cadmus, Pentheus, the son of Echion and Agave, the daughter of Cadmus, ruled Thebes for a short time until Dionysus prompted Agave to kill Pentheus.[1] Polydorus then succeeded Pentheus as king of Thebes and married Nycteïs, the daughter of Nycteus. When their son Labdacus was still young, Polydorus died of unknown causes, leaving Nycteus as his regent.[2]

In Pausanias's history, Polydorus' rule began when his father abdicated the throne and together with her mother Harmonia migrated to the Illyrian tribe of the Encheleans, but this is the only source for such a timeline.[3]


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