Polygamy in Indonesia

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Polygamy is legal in Indonesia and a man may take up to four wives, as allowed by Islam. Despite such legality, polygamy has faced some of the most intense opposition than any other nation with the majority consisting of Muslims. Additionally, Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world. Recent restrictions have brought about harsher penalties for unlawfully contracted polygamous unions and polygamy is said to be on the decline. Indonesian military personnel are only permitted to practice polygamy if their religion allows it.[1] A man may take up to four wives as long as he treats them equally and can financially support them all. A man may also take multiple wives if he can prove to the government that his first wife is unable to carry out her duties as a wife.[2] On a separate note, a study found that polygamous politicians are overwhelmingly less likely to gain female votes than monogamous politicians.[3]

Complete ban on polygamy[edit]

In late April 2008, a rally of Indonesian women led a protest against the nation's laws allowing for polygamy and polygamous marriages; urging the government to enact a complete ban over such marriages. Male Indonesian politicians were found to be largely opposed, and such a ban has yet to take place.[4]