Polymita picta

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Polymita picta
Polymita picta 01.JPG
Five views of a shell of Polymita picta, typical colour
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Gastropoda
(unranked): clade Heterobranchia
clade Euthyneura
clade Panpulmonata
clade Eupulmonata
clade Stylommatophora
informal group Sigmurethra
Superfamily: Helicoidea
Family: Helminthoglyptidae
Genus: Polymita
Species: P. picta
Binomial name
Polymita picta
(Born, 1778)

Polymita picta, common name the "Cuban land snail" or the "painted snail", is a species of large, air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Helminthoglyptidae.[1]

The shell of this species is large, shiny and brightly colored. The species has numerous color varieties. These shells are sought after by poachers and used to make jewelry and trinkets. As a result, the species has become endangered.

This species is the type species of the genus Polymita.

This snail is endemic to Cuba.


Like most air-breathing land snails, this species is hermaphroditic. This species uses love darts as part of its mating behavior.


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