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Polymorphism, polymorphic, polymorph, polymorphous, or polymorphy may refer to:




  • Chromosomal polymorphism, a condition where one species contains members with varying chromosome counts or shapes
  • Cell polymorphism, variability in size of cells or nuclei
  • Gene polymorphism, the existence of more than one allele at a gene's locus within a population
  • Genetic polymorphism, the branching of the genetic tree, caused by two or more alleles occurring at one DNA position or in one DNA region, each with appreciable frequency in the population
  • Lipid polymorphism, the property of amphiphiles that gives rise to various aggregations of lipids
  • Polymorphic, a wave pattern seen on an electrocardiogram; See QRS complex
  • Polymorphism (biology), the occurrence of more than one form in the same population of a species
  • Polymorphism (RLFP), a technique that exploits variations in homologous DNA sequences

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