Polytechnic University of Bari

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Polytechnic University of Bari
Politecnico di Bari
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RectorProf. Eugenio Di Sciascio
DirectorAntonio Romeo
41°06′26″N 16°53′32″E / 41.1073°N 16.8921°E / 41.1073; 16.8921
Sports teamsCUS Bari

The Polytechnic University of Bari (Italian: Politecnico di Bari) is a university located in Bari, Italy. It was founded in 1990 and it is organized in 3 Faculties.

In 2016, around 9752 students were enrolled[1]. In 2013, the professors, researchers and assistants amounted to 302 people.[2]

History and structure[edit]

The Polytechnic University of Bari was established with Italian law Legge n. 245 of 7 August 1990. It is the youngest among the Italian polytechnic universities (the other two being Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino). Even though other Italian universities also incorporate engineering and science faculties, Italian polytechnic universities are focused on technological faculties and subjects.

Following the reform initiated with the Italian law Legge n. 240 of 2010 and successive modifications, the Polytechnic University of Bari has organized its structure prominently based on departments with an aggregation into 5 big departments, most of which divided into branches:

The Headquarters[edit]

Most of the structures, classrooms, halls and departments are located inside the campus "Ernesto Quagliariello" in Bari. It is shared with the University of Bari (only for scientific subjects), and it is located close to via Orabona. In the nearby via Amendola are the rector's office and the administrative offices for enrollment and similar inquiries. In Bari's Japigia quarter are located most of the offices and laboratories of the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics and Management.

The Polytechnic University of Bari is also present in other two separate branches, in Foggia and Taranto (where "Centro Interdipartimentale Magna Grecia" is located).

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