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Nickname "Students", "Lions"
Leagues Ukrainian League
Founded 1994
Arena SP "Halychyna"
Location Lviv, Ukraine
Team colors Green, white, black
Head coach Cyril Pohostinskyi
Championships 1994, 1999
Website bcpg.in.ua
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Team colours
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BC Politekhnika-Halychyna (Ukrainian: БК "Політехніка-Галичина") is a professional basketball club from Lviv, Ukraine. The club currently participates in the Ukrainian Basketball Superleague. Club was founded in 1994 under the name "Lviv Polytechnic". The team represented the Lviv Polytechnic National University. The current name is from 2006 with sponsorship reasons (sponsor – refining complex "Galychyna"). Home arena – sports palace " Halychyna".


1993th student team "Lviv Polytechnic" has won a prestigious international tournament chief in France. This success and achievements of previous years prompted the Rector of the Polytechnic Yuri Rudavskyi making decision on the establishment of the university professional basketball team. That same season, 1993–1994, Lviv team set a still unbeaten record second league Ukraine: 30 games-30 wins. The next season, 1994–1995, the team won the third place in the first division and moved to the Premier League. In order to become champions of the competition, the team took four seasons.

Since the creation of professional team "Lviv Polytechnic" , and by 2004 it was the head coach Anatoly Zaverikin.

From 2000 to 2008 basketball club from Lviv played in Ukrainian Basketball SuperLeague. In the summer of 2006 the club changed its name to "Politehnica-Halychyna" (given to the new owner – refining complex "Galychyna") and had a very successful season 2007–2008. Under the leadership of the Belarusian coach Valentin Voronin team took fourth place in the Super League . Also, the team got to the Final Four Cup Ukraine, which won the bronze medals

In the 2008–2009 season club decided to participate in the newly established Ukrainian Basketball League 15 May 2009, established a new and powerful structure – Association of Basketball Clubs of Ukraine "Superleague" Association was the organizer of the Championship, Cup and Super League All Star Game. Since then, "Politehnica-Halychyna" is a member of the Association of basketball clubs of Ukraine, regular participant of Superleague Championship. "Politehnica-Halychyna" not amused their fans high achievements in Super League. In fact, during the three seasons the team was an outsider championship. In the first two seasons, she was eleven steps. In the 2011–12 season, found themselves in last place. Back Valentin Voronin did not help Halychynans.

Fortunately, at the end of the disastrous year, a team led Serbian coach Željko Lukajić. With him "Politehnica-Halychyna" immediately won several victories. And the fact that Željko Lukajić remained head coach "Politehnica-Halychyna" in the 2012–2013 season only added optimism Lviv fans. Moreover, in the off-season club significantly increased several experienced players.

Regular 2012–2013 Superleague season team finishing fifth with 24 wins and 15 defeats and ensure a place in the playoffs games. After playing a quarterfinal series with BC "Khimik" with a score 4–0 in the series. In the semi-final series after losing the basketball club "Budivelnyk" with a score of 0–4. In a series of matches for the third place "Politehnica-Halychyna" inferior "Ferro ZNTU" with a score 0–4 and finishing the season in 4th place.

In the off season team joined Kyndall Dykes and Jaroslav Lemyk, that season 2012–2013 conducted by BC "Goverla" Maxim Ivshyn with "Cherkaski Mavpy" and Alexander Kolchenko of BC "Azovmash". November, 4 team joins Darrel Mitchell, who last season played in green and white uniform 46 games, picking up an average of 15.8 points. 17 December 2013 by mutual consent of BC "Politehnica-Halychyna" and Darrel Mitchell down a relationship. The next day, 18 December 2013 by mutual consent of BC "Politehnica-Halychyna" has stopped working with the head coach Željko Lukajić his assistant Dushan Hvozdich and forward Vladan Vukosavljević.

Zeljko Lukayich and Dushan Hvozdich held in Lviv for two years and it was under their tutelage "lions" managed to rehabilitate: to get into the playoffs ah finish the season 2012–2013 for a fourth place. Vladan Vukosavljević played with "lions" three seasons. His average is 14.2 points, 9.0 rebounds and 1.2 passes per game.

After termination of the contract of head coach and his assistant's, acting duties of head coach of the team became CEO Cyril Pohostinskyy. The second coach of BC "Politehnica-Halychyna" is now the Andry Kremez – ex-coach of BC "Goverla" 4 January 2014 team reinforced American quarterback Anthony Miles. His last season he spent in the Netherlands, where he played 32 games for the club "Rotterdam"

5 March 2014, team leaves the American Legionnaire Kyndell Dykes. "Want say thanks to Lviv team and fans for a good run while it but we parting ways today goodluck to the guys there rest of the way" – wrote he in his Twitter

Difficult for most teams season 2013–14 team finished on the ninth place. After losing in the last match of the regular season, Halychyna lost chance to continue the struggle in the play-off, passing in eighth place "Kyiv" (with the same number of wins and losses), which lost twice in the season

In the season 2014–2015 Lviv "Polytechnica-Halychyna" began to train young Ukrainian expert Maxim Fomichov (born 1990). Previously, new coach worked in BC Donetsk basketball club, Russians BC UNICS and PBC CSKA Moscow. The team also began the season as part of the young players. Іе at the start of the championship did not bring results. A series of eight defeats could interrupt only home game against BC Dnipro-Azot Dniprodzerzhynsk, difficult victory with a score of 84:82.

26 November 2014 the club president dismissed head coach Maxim Fomichev. Acting head coach again became CEO Cyril Pohostinskyy. Playing coach was an alumnus of Lviv basketball school Jaroslav Zubrytskyi.

In early January 2015 the club decided to return to the position coach 24-year-old Maxim Fomichev.

28 February 2015 in a home match against "MBC Mykolaiv" former outsiders get the fourth in this season victory. At the end of the regular season 2014/2015, in the third round team showed a good game, had 7 wins in a season. But by the results of the games finished season on the 11th place with 37 points and lost chances for playoff. After the end of the regular season Basketball clubs association "Superleague" applied penalties against teams who fails to pay the entry fee. "Politehnica-Halychyna" lost other one point, but finished Championship in 10th place.

In season 2015–2016 Lviv presents two basketball teams: "Lviv Polytechnic" play in the championship under the presidency of the Ukrainian Basketball Federation, and "Halychyna" – in the "Superleague" championship.


Season by season results of the club in national, cup and European competitions.

Season Tier League Pos. Postseason Ukrainian Cup European competitions
2010–11 1 SuperLeague 11
2011–12 1 SuperLeague 14
2012–13 1 SuperLeague 5 Semi-finalist Semi-finalist
2013–14 1 SuperLeague 9
2014–15 1 SuperLeague 10

Current roster[edit]

Season 2014–2015[edit]

# Name Pos. Height Weight Born Nat. Played from – to
_ Oleksandr Berkhin F 2.05 100 1985 Ukraine 2014/11/07
7 Oleksandr Dolenko PG 1.89 80 1990 Ukraine 2014/09/27
8 Maksym Tyutyunnik PG 1.90 85 1992 Ukraine 2013/11/10
10 YuriyKuschak C 1.98 92 1993 Ukraine 2014/09/27
12 Jaroslav Zubrytskyi C 2.02 108 1974 Ukraine 2014/09/27
14 Anton Dziuba F 2.04 92 1990 Ukraine 2014/09/27
15 Anton Davydyuk F 2.05 88 1992 Ukraine 2014/09/27
17 Volodymyr Orlenko C 2.12 118 1985 Ukraine 2014/10/29
21 Vladislav Petrenko PG 1.80 75 1994 Ukraine 2014/09/27 – 2014/10/29
21 Ilja Shemosyuk PG 1.88 83 1985 Ukraine 2014/10/29
22 Artem Shelukha F 1.98 97 1987 Ukraine 2014/09/27
23 Eduard Fedchuk PG 1.82 73 1991 Ukraine 2014/09/27
24 Mykola Polyulyak PG 1.92 84 1990 Ukraine 2014/09/27
32 Dmytro Tykhonov F 2.04 114 1992 Ukraine 2013/10/08
43 Ilja Zhukovskyi F 1.98 82 1993 Ukraine 2014/10/06
Head coach: Ukraine Maksym Fomiсhov 2014/09/27 – 2014/11/26, 2015/01/02 – end of season
P. D. of Head coach: Ukraine Cyril Pohostinskyi 2014/11/26 – 2015/01/02
Playing coach: Ukraine Jaroslav Zubrytskyi

Season 2015–2016[edit]

# Name Pos. Height Weight Born Nat. Played from – to
6 Larry Hall PG 1.90 97 1983 United States 2015/11/05
11 Illya Shemosiuk PG 1.88 87 1985 Ukraine 2015/11/05
23 Volodymyr Gurtovyy C 2.08 106 1975 Ukraine 2015/11/05
21 Volodymyr Orlenko C 2.15 120 1985 Ukraine 2015/11/05
10 Denys Tiutiunnyk F 1.92 99 1992 Ukraine 2015/11/05
22 Viacheslau Skidan C 2.05 120 1985 Belarus 2015/11/05
8 Maksym Tyutyunnik F 1.92 99 1992 Ukraine 2015/11/05
15 Mykhailo Nasennik F 2.00 90 1983 Ukraine 2015/11/05
20 Omar Briggs C 2.01 98 1989 United States 2015/11/05
5 Vadim Onishenko F 1.84 83 1989 Ukraine 2015/11/05
Head coach: Ukraine Cyril Pohostinskyi

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